Delicate pieces of broken china….


A new Pearl is in the works, & coming along nicely. But, the BBR keeps interrupting the process with real-time issues, so, it’ll be a day or two more until it’s ready… As a sublimation, here is a pretty decent Pearl from a bit over five years ago (where DOES the time go?…. SIGH). I hope you enjoy it, & I’ll be back, soon…. Be well, be happy as you wish to be, and for God’s sake, be strange!…

gigoid, the dubious



Whew! A close call, but disaster was averted, narrowly. Lest I drive everyone away in the first paragraph, before we even get started, I’ll not supply the details, but, believe me, it was very nearly a nasty mess. Let’s just say, hallelujah, and leave it at that….. Well!….

Howdy….. It isn’t every day that begins with such excitement, thank goodness. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t deal with that kind of issue every morning, as I have a distinct dislike for Kleenex, and anything to do with them, due to an accident when I was a child, involving those unreliable tissues, a clown, a policeman, and several large piles of manure. They told me it would probably never go away, so I live in a tissue-free world…. I don’t mind, there’s always TP…..

Hmm…. I suppose that kind of talk might just drive y’all out, too, if I’m not careful…

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