Miso, marmalade, or muskrat?….


The new poem FINALLY got done; unfortunately, the process of getting it there exhausted me sufficiently to preclude finishing the rest of the intended mess. To hold y’all (pronounced ‘me’..) until I can do so, here is an iconic Pearl from a couple years ago, right about the time I returned from Hell. There’s a fine religirant, a decent poem, and some fine entertainment. Enjoy, for now, & I’ll be back tomorrow with an all new entry for the archives. Have a good one, ffolkes….

gigoid, the dubious




“Nature forms us for ourselves, not for others;
to be, not to seem.

~~ Michael de Montaigne ~~

~~ Essays, Book ii, Chap. xxxvii, ~~

old swan

Bar at the Old Swan, London

Hajime…. Of the nearly 80 hours I spent in London in 2013, many were spent in the public house you see pictured today at the top of this page. The Old Swan, established in 16something, was about as typical a pub as you’ll find anywhere in England. Since it was located about one block from my B&B in Kensington, I spent many a happy hour observing the day and night life of the Londoners who frequented the old pub. This morning, I chose the picture simply for the good memories it brings, of a trip I’d dreamed of my entire life.

Today, I appreciate the memories, as they are a welcome change from the OTHER memories recently flooding…

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