A mess for all seasons….


Between binge-eating & some recurring engagements with the inner armies of darkness, I haven’t managed to write anything at all for 3 days. While I’m working on cleaning up my mind a bit, here’s an old one from 2015, with some even older ranting included…. Not bad for an old fart with flat feet & frequent flatulence (both kinds…) In any case, I hope y’all enjoy this blast from the not-so-distant past…. I’ll be back, with fresh stuff, in a day or two….




“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”

~~ Samuel Clemens, (Mark Twain) ~~

Galway Bay sea wallGalway Bay Sea Wall, looking South East

Hajime…. Having daily examples as to the veracity and ubiquitous nature of Murphy’s Laws, it should’nt have surprised me this morning when he decided to make my title all-too-appropriate. As some of y’all know (because I haven’t explained in a while) the titles of these Pearls are NOT connected, in any way other than subconsciously to what takes place below them, in the blog itself. I create them before actually finishing the blog, when I’m preparting the email version to be sent out.

When creating a title, the primary characteristics I shoot for are two-fold. First, it must make little or no actual sense in reality; second, it should have nothing at all to connect it to the contents of the…

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