Rim shots for peace….


I’m feeling some guilt over having not posted or written at all for almost two weeks…. The cold I caught has been the primary culprit, but, let’s not forget the laziness, a partial reason for catching cold in the first place. In any case, here is a Pearl from the not-too-distant past to sublimate. I’ll be back eventually, perhaps when I’ve found my mind, which I lost some years ago…. In the meantime, be well, & happy as you may be…. I remain strange….

See ya, ffolkes

gigoid, the dubious




“True merit, like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes.”

~~ Halifax ~~

blue morning glory

Morning Glory in Blue

Hajime…. Bozoid, or not, it’s got to be done. Since my degree of bozoid is rather highly developed, that will require an incredible amount of focus, and will, in order to fulfill our chosen duty. Given the last night’s draw, having fought for sleep until successful (well, to a degree… three sets of two hours isn’t too bad… that’s more down than up, so, hey, bonus….), and the concomitant extra smegs of energy, I have no real excuse for not getting it done, unless I retreat into whine and sour cheese. Therefore, what you see is what I’ve got, and it’s all you get.

Today, that isn’t an insignificant amount of material. In fact, there’s a rather extensive diatribe in the ranting section, with a seven-star pearl that…

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