Not dead yet….


It’s a busy season, what with all the capitalist frenzy now attached to what began wth giving to the poor; it’s hard work to try NOT to get overly involved in the nonsense. Hard enough I don’t have another Pearl ready yet, hence this sublimation/re-blog of a former Pearl. For what it is, it ain’t bad, & I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be back with fresh stuff, soon…. Until then, be well & happy as you may be….

gigoid, the dubious




“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey.
We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”

~~ Stephen Covey ~~

fall colors downhill

Fall colors on display….

Hajime…. As today’s title proclaims, I’m not dead yet. However. death’s presence in life touches us all, if only in a peripheral sense, every day, & I have been exploring some of the implications of that rather extensively in recent days, which may be construed as the primary reason for blowing off this blog for five straight days. For over six years, posting daily has been my habit; to forgo doing so for so long would, in the past, have created in me a very strong sense of angst-filled tension, for having repressed all I’ve been in the habit of expressing in these outbursts….

I find myself blithely unconcerned with such frailties, as I find, when I do come back into cyberspace, nothing has…

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3 thoughts on “Not dead yet….

    • Thank you, milady willow, & the same to you… I’m making an attempt to re-join the online community, with, as yet, merely moderate effect… Nice to hear from you, though; we’ve been on each other’s list for seven-plus years now, I believe… Love to you and yours….

      Ned, pursuing gigoid’s dubious path…


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