Ladies and gentlemen, I give you….Mr. Potato Head


It’s going to be hot today; when we get up and there is no fog, it means the planetary air conditioning has been turned off. You may as well turn on your fans right now. I’ve found that for fans, a little seductive whisper and stroking of the on/off button will get them turned on very quickly. Funny, to look at them one wouldn’t guess that they would be romantics, but there you go. You just never know with small machinery what will do the trick; they take on some pretty human characteristics after being around us for awhile. I used to have a toaster that would throw the bread all the way to the sink if you pushed down too hard on the handle; she had to be gently moved into position before she would work correctly, and praised the whole time she was warming up. Inanimate objects sure can be finicky, can’t they?….. How about y’all, do you have any stories about stubborn appliances? I know I’m not the only one who has to talk to them to get them to work……

Today starts a new era; I’ll be submitting my first piece to, and from now on should be able to pull in at least a modest income, which will make all the difference in my anemic budget. I’m hoping it’s as much fun as it looks like it will be. We’ll see….meantime here is a very pointed group of pearls, chosen for their part in the gestalt of the group. As is usual, the point is left as an exercise for the Gentle Reader…..there will be a quiz, but it will not count against the final grade in the course……

Dust is an armor of poor quality.

I have but three enemies: fear, anger, ignorance.

“It is inconceivable that a judicious observer from another solar system would see in our species — which has tended to be cruel, destructive, wasteful, and irrational — the crown and apex of cosmic evolution. Viewing us as the culmination of *anything* is grotesque; viewing us as a transitional species makes more sense — and gives us more hope.” — Betty McCollister, “Our Transitional Species”, — Free Inquiry magazine, Vol. 8, No. 1

“Before you criticize people, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’ve got a mile-long head start. And you have their shoes.” — The Lion

“Individuality seems to be Nature’s whole aim — and she cares nothing for individuals.” — Goethe

“If you want to know all about the sea,  you go and ask a sailor, or a marine biologist, or an oceanographer, and they can tell you a lot about the sea. But if you go and ask the sea itself, what does it say? Grumble, grumble, swish swish. It is too busy being itself to know anything about itself.” — Ursula K. LeGuin

If, after reading the above, you do not have a better idea of where you fit into the scheme of things, well, too bad. There’s always tomorrow…y’all take care out there……

Sometimes I sits and thinks,

and sometimes

I just sits.




4 thoughts on “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you….Mr. Potato Head

  1. Hey there! Sorry imma,lol a day late reading this but well yesterday I felt like I had been put in a toaster and thrown to “kingdom come”! I could possibly have a blood clot so I am chewing aspirin like its going outta style. Good article@ I love your knew and perky material! This will surely draw in the fans! Do you mind if I share some of your work on my wall? Let me know!
    P.S. is that ur dog?

    • Lori……no he’s not my dog, though I’d love to have a surfing bulldog….I got the picture on the internet. No, I don’t mind at all if you post it on your Wall; actually I’ve been doing that for you the last two days when I write it in the morning. The Daily Pearls are always the first thing I do in the morning, before shower, or check my email, or anything else. It is the one solid routing I have, and as it is something that I am absolutely compelled to do, it will probably go out every morning until I move on to the next incarnation; it’s gone out every day for ten years now, and I can’t seem to stop….anyway, I’m glad you’re enjoying them, and feel free to share it wherever you like….. 🙂

      Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.


  2. Reblogged this on gigoid and commented:


    Reality continues to intrude upon my preferred agenda items, so, I’m re-blogging again today. Here is an ancient Pearl, cleaned up a bit, formatting-wise from the original look.It’s pretty rustic, but, it’s a Pearl. I should be back tomorrow, fresh as the proverbial daisy….Enjoy!….


  3. “Individuality seems to be Nature’s whole aim —
    and she cares nothing for individuals.” — Goethe

    Fallacy number one
    of modern civilizations..

    Human is separate
    from Nature.. hmm…

    FAct.. SoMe HUmans Care..
    PArt oF Nature does inDeed care..

    All of Nature is surely more than care..
    and less than care too.. and for hUmans
    wHo care that makes pArt oF Nature God sAMe Great..

    Caring is Great..
    Love is Great..
    in this way
    iS Great too..:)

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