Ladies and gentlemen, I give you….Mr. Potato Head


Reality continues to intrude upon my preferred agenda items, so, I’m re-blogging again today. Here is an ancient Pearl, cleaned up a bit, formatting-wise from the original look.It’s pretty rustic, but, it’s a Pearl. I should be back tomorrow, fresh as the proverbial daisy….Enjoy!….




It’s going to be hot today; when we get up and there is no fog, it means the planetary air conditioning has been turned off. You may as well turn on your fans right now. I’ve found that for fans, a little seductive whisper and stroking of the on/off button will get them turned on very quickly. Funny, to look at them one wouldn’t guess that they would be romantics, but there you go. You just never know with small machinery what will do the trick; they take on some pretty human characteristics after being around us for awhile. I used to have a toaster that would throw the bread all the way to the sink if you pushed down too hard on the handle; she had to be gently moved into position before she would work correctly, and praised the whole time she was warming up. Inanimate objects…

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