Can you spell ‘balderdash’ boys & girls?….


Today’s reblog is happening simply because I’ve too many early errands to complete out in the Big Blue Room. I picked a good one, seen & liked by only four of my most faithful readers, with a great rant or two, and a bunch of excellent shots at our old friends, lawyers…. Go figure, eh? I’ll be back tomorrow….

Be well & happy as you may be….




“Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued.”

~~ Socrates ~~

beagle-2-lander-artist-interpretationEuro-Union Mars Science Lab, Artist’s rendition of post-landing configuration.– from

I’m wondering, if the folks over at Kaiser are feeling a little premonition, a small niggling at the back of the neck, or a vague feeling of uneasiness. If not, they probably should, because I guarantee, they are about to become engulfed in a shit storm. Having reached the end of my patience with the issue they’ve forced upon me, I have consulted the proper authority (Sun Tzu, The Art of War), determined a plan of battle and engaged the first scouts to gather intelligence. Small events have been set in motion, which, combined with the other facets of the plan, will come down on their heads in an avalanche of legal and marginally legal manipulations and court appointments to keep their wolf-pack full of…

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