Walking in Jezebel’s gardens….


Picking out today’s Pearls turned out to be a marathon. Just couldn’t find the right stuff to lead off a lazy Saturday. So, we’ll have to wing it…. Hmmm…..nothing is rising to the surface. Even stirring the contents briskly has nothing sticking to the spoon. I suppose we could take a few moments here for an advertisement disclaimer, but, it being Saturday, I don’t much feel like diving back in to the oyster beds to find where I left it. I could go nonsensical; that’s always fun. But Lewis Carroll did that already, and I don’t much feel like trying to out-Jabberwock a dead author. I suppose I should find a newsworthy event to share, or comment on the current political scene, but I also don’t feel like putting on the necessary high-top boots for wading around in that filthy pool. It stinks, also, and I’m out of nasal plugs. Well, this means we will be going to last resort tactics, and saying just this; today’s Pearls are being brought to you by your generous donations, and by a grant from the Idiosyncratic Corporation, makers of fine eccentric philosophies, which come complete with a full line of optional accessories……

I stared into the abyss. The abyss stared into me. Neither of us liked what we saw.

“Adulthood, one could say, is when it begins to occur to you that you may not be leading a charmed life.” — Adam Phillips

And Katerfelto, with his hair on end
At his own wonders, wondering for his bread.
‘T is pleasant, through the loopholes of retreat,
To peep at such a world,–to see the stir
Of the great Babel, and not feel the crowd.

~~ William Cowper ~~

~~ The Task, Book iv, The Winter Evening, Line 86 ~~

“Beware the man of one book.” — St. Thomas Aquinas

“Stupidity cannot be cured with money, or through education, or by legislation. Stupidity is not a sin; the victim can’t help being stupid. But stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.” — Robert A. Heinlein — Lazarus Long

WARNING:  The Meaning Of Life Is Subject To Change Without Notice.

Whoa, there big fella! Whew! Almost couldn’t get it to stop…..’tis a fine day for nonsense, don’t you think? Have fun with it, and y’all take care out there….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes
I just sits.

4 thoughts on “Walking in Jezebel’s gardens….

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    I’ve been watching the crisis here in California at Lake Oroville, whose dam has been neglected long enough it’s threatening to break enough to flood a large area northwest of Sacramento potentially affecting several million people in a wide area… Also don’t much feel like working today, so, I have sublimated by going WAY back into the archives, for a very old-school Pearl from about a month after beginning here on WP. Though it’s a pretty decent Pearl, with some rather fine pearls, it got no traffic, so, I’m giving it a second shot at fame today. I hope you enjoy it; it’s short, simple, but, not altogether unworthy of note… I shall be back tomorrow, I suppose… actually, you may count on it…. See ya. Be well, & stay alert….


    • Funny,I don’t feel much like working today either…so I am of for a walk by the sea while the sun is out…such a rare occurrence in these parts..
      Hi,the oh, so dubious…ah,the life!

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