Lions, tigers, and awards, oh my!

On my morning post today, I acknowledged and thanked three excellent bloggers for nominating me for two awards, and one Tag, You’re It…..Here they are…

Tag, I’m It…. Linda Vernon, whose blog is located at is a warm, funny, and very versatile blogger from England, who writes often about her husband, 37, her brain, Peanuts, and her understandably irrational fear of the Pottery Barn.

Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

greatpoetrymhf, a very refined poet from Canada, has her primary blog at   She writes excellent poetry with a positive outlook, and reblogs a lot of good stuff from other folks.

Dolly is dentist who lives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She is one of the most versatile and expert bloggers and graphic artists I know of. Her posts are always a treat, and you never know what you’ll find there. She also runs a multiple player Art Game very popular with graphic artists, who create some outrageous images using photo-editing software expertly. Her blog is found at

Okay, getting tagged, and receiving nominations requires that one share things about themselves; each calls for a different number, so I’ve averaged the three (in my head, so who knows how accurately, but, also, who cares?) and here are 10 things about me….

1) I am a closet romantic…. I cry at Hallmark commercials, especially if it has puppies….

2) In my life, I have been… a chef, a dishwasher, a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a psychiatric technician, a truck driver, a garbage collector, a 4 sport athlete (basket-, base-, and football, and martial arts), a scholar (high school valedictorian, 1968), a fool (join the club, right?), a musician (guitar & voice), a hippie (not over that one yet), an urban warrior, a bad poet, and a freelance writer….I’m not done yet; I insist on learning something new every day…

3) I love to travel; my next destination goal is Ireland, hopefully later this year.

4) My favorite adult beverage: a good bourbon, straight up with a cola chaser.

5) I am a firm believer that “Politics is poopadoodle.”

6) If I were God, I’d be really pissed about how I’ve been portrayed by ignorant humans, especially conservative politicians.

7) I’m not just a chef; I’m also a gourmand, and know more about wines than is probably healthy.

8) The best job I’ve ever had: father of Cory and Kelly, my son and daughter, who are now grown and living their lives well. If there is anything in this world I’ve done to be proud of, they are the proof.

9) I still enjoy watching Sesame Street.

10) I seek Truth, in all its wondrous forms.

11) One extra: After 61 years of life, I still love every minute, even when I’m depressed. My dark moments just make the rest all the sweeter.

Well, that’s enough about me….here are 12 blogs I’m Tagging…. you are It!

1) Jerry Doby’s blog, The Urban Link; Jerry is a public relations guru specializing in rap, hip hop, and modern culture in his well written blogs at

2) Maggie Mae, in my opinion, one of the best free verse poetess’ I’ve ever encountered, bar none; she never fails to amaze me with the power of her verse, and her unique vision. Her blog is at

3) MesAyah, a young rapper and composer, who writes all his own lyrics, and composes the music as well. His site is at

4) Robotic Rhetoric is a young man with a unique sense of humor and an engaging writing style. He posts his work at

5) Carolyn Page, aka abcofspiritalk, is an inspirational writer from Australia; she also is heavily into ballroom dancing. Her page is at

6) Rohit is a fellow polymath, a seeker like myself, who lives in India, I believe. His site is at

7) Scott Mitchell is a young poet who writes some of the most evocative poems I’ve ever seen. You can find him at

8) Ajay Ohri, who works with computers and writes simple, very personal, sometimes painfully honest poems about his current life. His site is located at

9) knowthesphere is a young, very erudite truthseeker, who shows amazing understanding and depth of spirit in his blog at

10) Manipal’s blog, 7thHeaven, is a photo blog with accompanying quotes from a wide variety of sources. His blog is located at

11) ecofinanalysis is a young poet, specializing in but not limited to Haiku. Her blog can be found at

12) Lizzie, or lizziecracked as she is known, is a very funny lady who is, to say the least, extremely energetic and engaging, writes from the viewpoint of a person with bipolar characteristics, and is one of the strongest people I know, just for being able to deal with that facet of her life, and still retain her sense of perspective. Her blog  is at

So there you have it….now, the rules state that I’m supposed to also nominate a number of bloggers for the two awards. For this rule I am changing the paradigm. The twelve bloggers above have been an inspiration to me, encouraged me, and brought much sunshine into my world (much like Linda, Dolly, and greatpoetrymhf). Therefore, I am nominating each and every one of them for both the Sunshine Award, and the Inspirational Blogger Award. Congratulations all, you deserve it. Now it’s your turn…..

Once again, many thanks to the folks who prompted this posting, Linda, Dolly, and greatpoetrymhf, you make me proud, and humble….

Y’all take care out there…

Sometimes I sits and thinks,

and sometimes

I just sits.







20 thoughts on “Lions, tigers, and awards, oh my!

    • Dolly….I didn’t forget…it just took me forever (seemingly) to get this post done. I’m just now about to start plowing through the….Good grief! I just looked at my email, and I have 76 emails to go through; it exploded on me, because I was completely caught up yesterday afternoon. It’s kind of cool too… 🙂 Any who, I’ll go check out your Friday post right now; I always enjoy your posts…thanks again for the nomination! Take care….

  1. Congratulations on your awards and thank you …you nearly brought me to tears… I have Bipolar 1 – rapid cycling with mixed episodes…currently unmedicated…except for the occasional klonopin…to take the edge off..or sleep. It muddles me a little so I try to use it very sparingly – and also because sometimes…it would be easier to slip into the numbed up version of things…so I won;t….Three months ago – I would never have written that….I have found and friendship and support here…and gosh darn it…people like me! lol….thank you so much for these awards….and your kind words…. sincerely…:-)

    sorry it took me so long to get over here….I like Sesame street too… 🙂

    • Lizzie…. you are welcome; yes, gosh darn it, people do like you! I was a psychiatric technician for many years, and have known many individuals with BPD. You have a very good grasp of the most important skill needed by those with the condition, to wit: you accept it, and don’t try to pretend it’s not there. Good on you for not overdoing the medication, especially klonopin; it’s very hard on the liver, aside from the drowsiness and other side effects it can cause. I have read that there are some dietary strategies that can be helpful; you might want to Google that subject. I know for a fact that some types of both Diabetes and Epilepsy can be controlled with a strict dietary regimen, so it might be worth the effort to look into it. Meantime, keep on using the outlets for all your energy you can keep up with, and try not to fall too deeply on the other end of the spectrum of your emotions. And remember, you’re not alone….take care, and be happy…. 😉

    • Well….color me red and embarrassed! Sorry ’bout that…I guess my normally effective deductive skills were in the shop for repairs that day….well, poetry has no gender, so that part is okay….I give you my permission to laugh at my mistake all you want, even if you include it in your response to the awards… 🙂 Take care out there, and I’ll be watching my deductions like a hawk from now on….

    • Not sure which part of this references, but since I agree with the sentiment, doesn’t much matter now…had to save this comment from the spam gods, who had stolen it and were trying to eat it…..and to your sentiment, I would add…”Changing ourselves is the ONLY thing we have charge of…” Thanks for reading & commenting…even if ye are a gobshite… being part Irish, I am quite fond of that word…..take care, & Blessed Be….

  2. From one hippie to another, congrats. I sure enjoyed the 10 things about yourself and I could write at least 5 of them about myself. Keep writing.

    • Thanks… I’ll do that…. 🙂 I can’t seem to stop myself, at any rate, and we all know how lazy hippies are, right?…. snort…. Take care….and thanks for stopping by and commenting…always nice to see new readers….

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