Fast Pan Soft Toe Shoe Affairs….

Legal requirements are such that I must inform you that today’s Pearl may exceed the normal limits on acceptable behavior for blogs whose content consists primarily of personal observations and opinions. I got eight hours sleep last night, if the clock isn’t lying to me, and I don’t know just what effect that will have on what goes in here. So, I figure I’d best give y’all a head’s up….

HEY! LOOK OUT!  Reading this may be hazardous. Not to you health, per se, but to your state of mind, which, it is acknowledged, MAY affect one’s health. But, there is really no worries, mates….. if you take a few basic precautions, you’ll be just fine.

First, try to suspend your beliefs for a bit…. I know, it’s hard, and they complain so much. But, if they aren’t lending their usual degree of panicky, tearful insecurity nonsense to the mix, you will be able to enjoy the show more.

Second, I’m afraid you’ll need to leave your prejudices outside the theater; you can leave them in your car, if you wish, Security officers are on patrol (somewhere…. not near your car, but somewhere…). In the rarefied atmosphere that today’s missive is likely to produce, they would constitute a severe moral hazard, and I cannot allow other patrons to be at risk for anyone’s misguided preconceptions of that nature. So, just leave them in the trunk of your car, please, for everyone’s safety, including your own.

Last, and most importantly, remember that this is all a process of finding and creating Pearls of VIRTUAL Wisdom…  Virtual. Not solid, not tangible. Not necessarily real, though at times they appear identical to actual wisdom. Maintaining a certain degree of disbelief will come in handy for you in absorbing and processing the material with which you will be presented during the festivities this morning. In short, have a little Doubt handy in case you are having trouble with what you are reading….. a little doubt is a powerful tool for sanity, believe me….. now, shall we Pearl?…. Let’s do that…..

“We, the people, are not free.  Our democracy is but a name.  We vote? What does that mean?  We choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee.” — Helen Keller

Odd, don’t you think, that the most insightful views of society are often presented by those who have no sight at all? Helen Keller was, obviously, an intelligent woman; no matter how patient the teacher, a stupid person could not have become the woman Ms. Keller became, without at least a modicum of basic ability to think. To think well, one must learn to observe well, and she has definitely got that down, for in no other way could this statement have been made. And that, to me, is the point. She is(was) a smart woman, and if this observation can be considered to be true, (differences of opinion on that point may be presented, and welcome, but for another discussion…. for now, lets discuss this….) why isn’t anyone else saying or doing anything to address the issue?

Well, I’ll tell ya, pardner, it’s like this…. Tweedledum and Tweedledee already fixed the election, and nobody noticed. Yup. It’s true. I would say that the voting process in this country has been a sham for oh, about 49 years, give or take a month or two. It got shot to hell, right about the same moment the rifle bullet struck the back of Jack Kennedy’s neck on that fateful day in 1963 when he was assassinated, and the last hope of the American people died with him……

When LBJ took office, it was the end of democracy as we know it. From that time to now, there has been NO candidate for the Presidency of this country who would have been, or ever again will be,  allowed to run, if the true rulers of the nation did not, or do not approve.

Our true rulers have been underground, in the background, for a long time; they don’t like the public’s eye turned upon them, for they know that if the light falls on them, it won’t take long for all their evil to start to show. These men (there are no women in the group, other than those who become even more male than their counterparts, in their vicious disregard for the rest of humanity) have been in effective control of the political process for even longer; it just became more obvious at the time of Kennedy’s demise, and has been harder to cover up ever since.

I find it disturbing to see Mitt Romney out there, seemingly with their approval, as he is far too close to what one of their inner circle looks like, and they aren’t shutting him up. This implies they no longer care if anyone sees their manipulations, and that they believe they don’t need to hide as much as before, because there is NOTHING anyone can do to change the outcome that they have already decided on. Or, it could be a sort of sleight of hand…. present Romney for people to watch, then get Obama safely elected, and settle right back into the process of eliminating the Bill of Rights, a project they’ve been working on for some time now.

I feel I must point out to all the folks out there who believe our current President to be a new hope, that this is the same man who signed the National Defense Authorization Act into effect on New Year’s Eve, while the American public was busy drinking and celebrating the new year, completely unaware that their oh-so-liberal president had just handed the Bill of Rights over to the National Security Agency, and its myrmidons, to do with as it pleased….. If you doubt me on this, check the news from that day…. it’s a fact, it happened, and it is now too late…. officially.

The first and middle rounds are done folks. It is now the final rounds, and we are now officially at war, at least at the ballot box,  with our own government, by their own decree. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m stocking up on ammunition, food, water, and body armor…… because the day of the final showdown is not far away. One of these days, and it is not far off, the gloves are going to come off all the way, and you will see the government of this country firing weapons at its own citizens, in the name of “public security”….

I’d think about this, if I were y’all, and think seriously. Try not to believe whatever they tell you, just because a guy on TV said it; examine everything with a critical eye, and speak up. But, be ready to duck, because I have a feeling they are no longer going to even give a warning shot, or yell, before they fire at us….. If you look at them, you will see that the ‘executive orders’ in the NDAA say they are not required to do so….

Don’t be distracted, folks, by all the yammering going on about taxes, or healthcare, or racism, or any of the other bullshite that is currently touted as “what the American people care about”, and being spewed out of every media orifice in the land.  I care about my rights. I care about being able to live my life as I choose. I care about human dignity, and freedom, and compassion for others. But this election isn’t about any of those things, it’s not what is in the papers, and it’s not what is in the people’s hearts. It is about control over society, and money. That’s it.

It has been about that for a long time now. Unless the American public comes to its senses, it isn’t going to change, either, until Mama Nature steps in, and sends us all back to the drawing board as another failed biological experiment. That is Reality folks, and is not subject to our manipulation. We can control what we see of Reality, but we can’t change its nature, and it will end us as surely as the sun comes up every morning, if we don’t make some drastic changes. And, unfortunately, none of those changes will be allowed by the beloved ruling class, so….. end game…… Deal with it….

Once you’ve tried to change the world you find it’s a whole bunch easier to change your mind. — Smart Bee

Morality is learned, not legislated. — Smart Bee

This will be a very short section. The above is something I believe to have the force of natural law behind it; as such it is not susceptible to our ability or desire to change it. It’s just the way it is. And I wish, for all of our sakes, that all the idiots in government, liberals, conservatives, libertarians, independents, and the churches in this country, of ALL denominations, would get this into their heads, and learn to accept the fact that there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO TO CHANGE THIS….. no matter how strongly they wish it weren’t so, it is so.

No matter how many laws they make and/or pass to try to legislate what they believe to be moral into law, each and every one of them will fail. History has proved this beyond any shadow of possible doubt,  literally thousands and thousands of times, and it is no longer a subject for serious debate. It hasn’t been for three thousand years, though people seem to act differently, and continue to complain, and try to “make it so”…..

So, please, those of you who wish that the rest of society would just be like you, forget it. Not going to happen, and you can’t pass a law to make it so…. Get over it…….please. All the noise and crap you subject the rest of us to is getting tiresome….

Horatio: O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!
Hamlet: And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
— W. Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act I, Scene V

(I know, it’s from Willie, but when it fits, I use it, no matter whose it is…..)

“A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.” — Ronald Reagan

I’m a fair person; it says so right here on the label, and I think an examination of my record in that arena would indicate the truth of that statement. So, when I find myself to be in the wrong about something, I am willing to admit it, if for no other reason, so we can just get on with things. So, mostly, when I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. After finding and reading the above, though it galls me no end, I have to admit to being wrong about Ronald Reagan. Yes, I know, a shocking thought isn’t it?

Well, calm yourselves, it isn’t what you may think. In toto, I still think that Ronnie was perhaps the absolute worst President this country has seen in its 200+ year history. We are still, as a society, trying to crawl out of the hole his Reaganomics dug for us, and his war-mongering, rich fat cat, elitist sycophants and admirers are still entrenched throughout the legislative system and the Supreme Court, causing no end of problems with their conservative lack of compassion for the common man. No, no, I’m no fool, and the evidence of his sheer evil intent remains just as valid as it ever was.

But, the above statement, if he actually said it, and actually believed it, must be acknowledged as being not just true, but as eminently sensible. In that case, it deserves mention, if only for the fact that, for once in his life, he made a statement that indicates there might be a tiny little part of him that thinks about other people and what might be good for them.

More likely, however, given his prior track record, he believes that because of the danger to HIMSELF, the risk is too great; he doesn’t like for things to not yield to his control. I would have a hard time accepting that, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he grew a conscience…. Not bloody likely…… I don’t like to resort to calling names, when English suits itself so well to cursing and vilifying without depending on their no-doubt cathartic use, but I’m afraid Ronnie was an elitist asshole, plain and simple.

Have you taunted a Conservative today?– Smart Bee

(Smarter than usual, too… Cute….. Conservatives, just like Liberals, turn all sorts of neat colors when you question their basic beliefs, or show disrespect for their heroes, especially Saint Ronnie the Raygun…. or, Bishop Barry, the New Hope….NOT!)

(Sorry, but, I think, therefore I am… dangerous, that is… it’s a gift…..)

“In walking, just walk. In sitting, just sit. Above all, don’t wobble.” — Yun-Men

This is good advice. Think about it a while. It will grow on you….. and grow…. and grow…. and grow….. then you can stop. And wobble no more…

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality.” — Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)

Though I’m not entirely convinced of physical reality of the entire Heaven/Hell scenario, I do like to believe that some sort of Universal justice is carried out, and after death is certainly a good time for it. When I let myself imagine such fine examples of that justice promised by almost every religion in the afterlife, my tendency is to agree fully with the above. But, I would also like to add that I like to believe that there are quite a few little doors on the lowest levels of Hell (if it’s as bad as it should be, it should be capitalized), and each leads to a room for a number of folks who absolutely deserve to be there for all eternity…..

There would be, in my version of Hell, a room for those who deliberately abuse women, children, animals of any kind, or any form of life at all; it is a genetic defect and the species would be better off without them altogether. This room is a good response by Reality, if we MUST suffer their existence.

Another room would be reserved for those who seek power over other people, for any reason. Those in that category who use that power to harm, abuse, and kill others in the search for that power will be given priority admission.

A fourth room would welcome those who engaged in human trafficking of any type. All of them. Every single fucking one of them. And the tortures and pain waiting for them in that room would be the cruelest, most agonizing that the Master Torturer’s demons could think up for them.

Right next door to this room would be those who dealt drugs for profit and power, dealing directly with, as both cause and effect, the despair and weakness of human poverty, and the vulnerability caused by that, by illness, or by developmental challenges. In short, those who made money trading in human misery.

I think that’s all the doors I would need; but, humans are inventive, and I like to think that there are still doors available, for any other crimes that humans can think up to perpetrate on one another that I may have inadvertently passed over…. I’m sure, as a professional, Beelzebub has learned to plan for the future, and for unseen contingencies…..

Well, even if it’s all a fantasy, which I have to admit is quite likely (even my most optimistic side will only admit to a 50/50 chance of this resembling reality, much as I’d like it to happen this way…..), it’s fun to think about, for our own sanity…..

As I suspected when I awoke this morning, after eight unexpected but thoroughly welcome and appreciated hours of sleep, today’s content got rather…. expansive is a good word, I guess. I thought it might; getting that much rest tends to give me a boost of energy, which will naturally end up in what I write, as it is the first real call for it during the day. I don’t, however, always know just what may be produced by all that energy; if it taps into my outrage, it can tie me to the keyboard for a long time, ranting. Or, it can turn to fantasy, and get a bit strange even for me. No way to tell ahead of time, what with the way I carry out this process…..

All seems to have gone well today, though, so, no worries…. the Helen Keller rant gave me a thousand words that I’ll probably trim to post as an article on Triond or somewhere, so that’s a good thing. And it all looks solid to me, cognitively speaking. So, I’m going to let if fly on its own, and let the consequences begin; I seem to have been indiscriminate in my choice of targets, and didn’t leave out very many……. Y’all take care out there……

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes
I just sits.



42 thoughts on “Fast Pan Soft Toe Shoe Affairs….

  1. I posted a Helen Keller quote today as well…but not that one. 🙂 And I like the Dante Alighieri quote because I DO believe we are in the midst of a moral crisis on so many levels in this country. It’s not right anymore to sit on the sidelines, at least for me…and you already know a little bit of what I’m about. All I can say is, we’ll see what May 1st brings.

    • Thanks!… But, considering how I feel about the job, I’d have to respectfully decline… if one is not insane before taking the position, one certainly would be in short order… I’m crazy enough, thank you very much…. I would settle however, for being the power behind the scenes, if the Prez would do whatever I told him to do…. no way I’m putting myself out front…. but, thanks anyway…. 😉

  2. Wow. You said a mouthful. I’ve wondered for a long time if the meeting on Jekkyl Island in 1913 wasn’t for the purpoe of putting together the elitist machine that dominates our world today. What do you think?
    I certainly agree that we’re in a heap of trouble and most don’t know it because they’ve been lulled to sleep by the entertainment industry which includes sports, electronics, TV, and movies. I personally do not know that many people who are awake and who are watching the erosion of our rights. It amazes me that millions believe the patriot act was for their good.
    I’m with you on this post. You’ve said a lot and I hope your readers get it.

    • Not having previously heard of that meeting on Jekkyl Island, I googled it… I can’t say for certain, but considering that the original group’s primary concern was to achieve some sort of stability (read: under control) in the American economic sector, and that a number of the names I saw mentioned were the same as I’ve seen on the rolls of the Bohemian Club, and the Tri-Lateral Commission, I would say that would be a fairly accurate supposition….. an interesting read for me was a novel, whose name is currently hiding, but will show up shortly I’m sure. It was disguised as a romantic historical novel, and detailed the rise of the Kennedy family in Massachusetts. The main characters were thinly disguised portrayals of Joe, Rose, and his sons Jack, Robert, and Ted, but the characters in the world she wrote about were the real life characters who were involved at the time. It describes the Tri-Lateral Council, and names some of the names of those who truly control all the money in the world.. names like DuPont, Krup, Goldman, Roosevelt, Carnegie, Howard Hughes, and several others, all real people, and all who can be seen to control different sectors of business and industry, such as arms and munitions, communication, newspapers, transportation, energy, everything that is needed to make society function. All of it owned by about 50 families in the world; what is left over when one counts all they control is indeed about 1% of the total money in the world. They control the 99%, where it goes, and what it does….

      There isn’t much I can do about any of this, so I rant… if nothing else, it makes me fee better for a while…. heck, I even got another article out of it, as I posted about 1100 words from this post to another site… if you want to see it, it is at

      I think that’s enough for now, don’t you? Always good to stimulate discussion, and great fun to boot! Thanks for commenting, and getting me started again…

      Ah, I knew it would come to me.. “The Captains and the Kings” by Taylor Caldwell… great read…

      Ta for now…. 🙂

  3. Completely with you Gigoid. For decades I have refused to vote, because I simply believed it made no difference. We were choosing the less of two evils…so what? They were going to get what they wanted. Ira Glass and This American Life, a few weeks ago, did a tremendous show on following the money in the political elections and law creation. Basically, money talks.

    Thanks again for the post.

    Somehow…be encouraged!

    • I try… but there is so much working against that, it’s hard to stay that way for long…. but, ranting does help me to keep from biting random strangers, so that’s a good thing…. 😉

    • Aye, me, too…..Like a perfect haiku, nothing more needed to be added, and nothing needed taken away… that’s why I kept my words to a minimum, to make his words louder by comparison…

  4. Thank you for pointing out when it occurred that while we have a choice between ‘Dee and ‘Dum or the two lying bastards or the elephant and the ass, it is really only a choice on who we want as a face for the one we bend over for and hope they use a dollop of vaseline. I guess that explains why this puritanical society will most likely never elect a woman as president. They just can’t imagine a woman taking advantage of them in just that way.
    Like the sainted George Carlin said, “We’re all fucked. It helps to remember that.”

    • Good old George…. I miss his acerbic genius…. the rest of us just can’t hit the same level of cutting wit that came naturally to him…. The only election in my life that offered even the slightest choice was when Carter got elected… but he never had a chance, what with the Republican Congress he inherited…. I’m just going to keep looking around for somewhere to jump when the shooting starts….

  5. We’ve been inter-coursing around with the Tory Class versus Just Folk since Adam’s Rib decided to pearly white that Golden Delicious. And once treed, we fear higher ground.

    One truth begs the question. Would you have dropped the bomb on Nagasaki?

    Because that was the money shot. The cum-shot that still stains where we live now: the feel good, all-encompassing National Security State.

    • A tough question indeed…. as I wasn’t there, and it’s hard to say what how anyone would react in that rather unique situation. But, if I was faced with it, I’d have made every effort possible, and more, to let the Japanese know that it could be done to them, before using it on civilian cities…. if for example, a first bomb on an unoccupied island off the coast, where they could see it, and it would have damaged the nearby homeland coast as well, but would have killed far fewer civilians….anything to keep from using it on people…. I can see exactly what you mean though, as that being a turning point. Perhaps, if we had made a stronger effort to end the war without using it on the civilian population, there would not be so much buried hatred in the Japanese culture, and they wouldn’t be threatening to purchase the Lincoln Memorial to go along with the other 30% of our assets they already own…. no way to tell now, but an effort to stop the war without killing the civilians would probably have gone a long way toward a more rational outcome then, and possibly today…. unfortunate, isn’t it, that we can’t go back for a do-over?

      So, to answer in short, I would have, but I would have dropped it on the best militarily accessible and effective target I could first, before going on to kill civilians at such a horrendous rate…. one bomb, boom, half the casualties of all our wars combined before 1900… and I agree that was the point where the M-I complex took over the decision making process for the American people… and ended up producing Guantanamo, and water-boarding…..

    • Doug…. forgot to say thanks for the great, thought-provoking comment… I loved the way you related the entire chapter of Genesis in 10 words… “Adam’s Rib decided to pearly white that Golden Delicious”…. brilliant, dude! In addition, I love it when a comment asks me a question I actually have to stop and think over before replying… and cum shot is a good description of the act of dishonor we committed at Nagasaki, and Hiroshima….. wait a second here..

      I just realized, I answered your query without considering that Hiroshima came first, and it changes what I said, and would have done, completely… After the first bomb, I would have had a very, very hard time ordering the second to be used. I’d have done what I described for the Nagasaki bomb, hitting a military target first, then, only if there was no surrender, ordered using the second. But, in that case, the third would NOT have been dropped on my watch. I would have probably given a speech from the White House balcony, and shot myself in the head in front of the American populace in shame, as well, if I had to do that…. At least, I’d like to think I would have done that… it would have been the only honorable way to act, to my mind….

  6. Damn, damn, damn! Close to 9 hours after I first posted this diatribe (which was preceded by 3 hours of writing, and 25 minutes of doing three proofs of the text) and 25 comments later, I find a typo on the third line from the last…. “if” is where an “it” should be… apparently it escaped everyone else’s attention too, so, it must not be too distracting…. but, sheesh, it sure it is a pain in my ass…. literally, as I’m kinda anal about that sort of thing (as if THAT wasn’t obvious!) Any who, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…. I’ll do 10 Hail Marys, as soon as I can find out what one is….

  7. “those who seek power are the least equipped to wield it.” which is why you would turn down being elected as president.
    and there are many more quotes i can think of that all apply rather well to the folks most deserving of hell. is the matrix as matrixed as we think? i hope not. but either way i dont think your blog should put you on radar. (maybe just your tags).
    i sensed some hope in your blog. the part about you cant change certain inevitabilities about the way the world works. can you share more about that part? its the part of “our world is run by the devilsl men” but we still might have a chance that i never seem to hear much about.
    thanks again.
    odie mama.

  8. Well, there is so much here, whew, not only in your post but in the comments.

    First: “We’ve been inter-coursing around with the Tory Class versus Just Folk since Adam’s Rib decided to pearly white that Golden Delicious. And once treed, we fear higher ground.” WOW.

    Next: “Right next door to this room would be those who dealt drugs for profit and power, dealing directly with, as both cause and effect, the despair and weakness of human poverty, and the vulnerability caused by that, by illness, or by developmental challenges. In short, those who made money trading in human misery.”

    And this is one of the reasons I choose not to use drugs, drink booze, and maybe even especially NOT use all the magic don’t worry, be happy, don’t think, just do, prescription medications out there. Including pain medications. Now I want to be clear here, I am not some temperance league fanatic, BUT, if one does a bit of research into the history of alcohol, and go way back, it’s effect on society, and who in society got in trouble using it, you will be enlightened. Oh and the tax revenue from booze. Holy Shit! Find out how many people overdose of prescription pain [and whatever else they were imbibing in] medication every year. More that cocaine, and heroin combined! Then wander around in the conspiracy of the FDA and the American Psychiatric Association and see what they’ve been, and are up to. Like creating a drug, and THEN creating a “mental” illness to treat with said drug. We The People are being drugged out of our minds, very literally. And I am not talking getting all fucked up here. I am talking people who just cut the edges enough to not know where they are. Soften the picture, like they do in all the girly magazines. Try and make what can never be perfect appear as if it is so we will lust and long for a perfection that then fills the “THEY’S” fat cat pockets. Meanwhile we get number and drunker, and now, we can add dope, which although was once around 7% THC is now around 30%, not to mention whatever it is laced with. Thank you good doctor, god, government. Now we can dance and sing and fuck our way out of the picture.

    • Actually, I didn’t notice any, but I wasn’t really looking for them… 🙂

      I can understand your feelings and opinions on drug use and abuse completely, though there are points that I would say are arguable, as with anyone’s thoughts, including mine. My opinions on the matter center on the two words, ‘use’ and ‘abuse’ and how the difference is critical in every aspect of the situations and/or issues to which drugs are connected.

      This may stem in part from my own experience, both as a mental healthcare professional, and as a person who, without drugs, experiences intense, unrelenting pain that completely negates all of my ability to function normally, or even sub-normally…. While I agree that the pharmaceutical corps and many doctors are criminally avaricious, and will promote whatever they can to increase their profits, I cannot agree that total abstinence from any kind of drug use is a viable answer. Mankind has employed, and enjoyed the benefits therefrom, the use of drugs since the first cave man or woman dropped a piece of willow bark into a pot to make tea, and found their headaches, sore muscles, and inflammations reduced to manageable proportions. When used, and not abused, drugs can enhance life, as it has for untold generations, and are no less natural than the conditions they treat. When abused, I agree that it is another plague on society that needs to be addressed. But I cannot agree with total abstinence in that regard, no matter what the price; there is more than enough benefit to be gained to balance the risk.

      This attitude, of use over abuse, can also be embraced as a critical aspect of the concept of mental drugs, such as you mentioned. Any idea, if carried to a logical extreme, becomes untenable. Rational and reasonable are the necessary standards against which these concepts must be weighed. If they prove useful, then by all means, use them. But, if they serve to increase the problems that they are meant to address, then they need to be avoided, just as one avoids over consumption of strong drink.

      In my mind, balance is the key element in any successful approach to living, and I believe in its value in every field of human thought, and endeavor…..

      Always a joy to discuss ideas with you, it’s a challenge, and makes me clarify my own thoughts for putting into what I write…. so thanks for reading, and commenting…. 🙂

      • I agree with you completely and on all points, IF, we are talking about an informed person. So many aren’t. Well other than the thousands of advertisements coming at them from all directions. All pushing happiness in a bottle.

        Don’t get me wrong, I would not willfully suffer. If I needed a medication to increase the quality or quantity of my life, I would certainly use whatever I could to do that. Science is an amazing awe inspiring thing, WHEN, it is honest and utilized to serve the greater good.

        We [well not me], are still confusing the doc for god. And frighteningly children are being ‘treated’ for ‘diseases’ that were created, made up, to sell a drug! As are many adults. These drugs are changing the brain, causing it to mutate, which concerns me greatly.

        It is not doctors who are making the mula, well, perhaps off the return customer, but most of the profit goes to the big pharm companies. Who just happen to be in bed with the FDA and those who dictate mental health. Or I guess I should say, what supposedly qualifies as healthy and what is not.

        The autism scale has expanded, BECAUSE, dealing drugs out to the people is of utmost importance to these Dr Frankenstein converted to corruption scientists

        Do you know that one in 10 children in the USA fall under the autism umbrella? I say BULLSHIT! And WTF??? Don’t even get me started on ADHD and various other acronym diseases. .

        My children are teachers and what they see in the schools is astounding. The answer given by far too many parents, for why their child is not doing well, or behaving in in appropriate ways is; The doctor changed their meds. Or; They forgot to take their meds. What the hell is going on?

        I am not saying that some do not need and then benefit from drugs. But that is not what it going on. When Zoloft first came out many years ago, there was a commercial pushing it. There were several blue colored happy smileys all happy and bouncy and together. Friends. Then there was one sad, smiley who was frowning and alone. Until he popped a Zoloft and voila! into the group he Fell. My thought at the time was, We can officially kiss the individual revolutionary thinker goodbye. On the part of the powers that be, it’s a rather brilliant plan don’t ya think?

        And on the enjoying the spark in our conversations. Me too! 🙂

        • As plans go, it IS one of the more insidious, for certain… but it is only one of many ways that the beloved ruling class has devised to keep us all busy and distracted away from the truth…. sad, but all-too-real….

          See ya around the comments sections… if we spend much more time on this here, we’ll have to combine it all into one long article and publish it with dual attribution…. 🙂 Not an entirely bad idea actually…. hmm…. I do have a source that would publish it to a site I know of…. I’ll take another look at it later…. still working my way through about 200 emails before I can consider myself caught up to the present time….

    • 🙂 Don’t know how I missed this comment, but, here I am…. I’m glad you enjoyed this one, it was one of my best, I think, in many respects.

      Heaven/Hell is one of those things I think we all think about, as we are constantly given reminders, albeit subtle ones, of our mortality… But, let me remind you on that, that whether or not you like what happens is the ONLY part that will be your choice…. It’s the only way we have in this reality to affect anything, really, and I don’t think that part will change, as it is inherent to being self-aware….

      So, rest assured, you will get whatever it is you intended, so you should be just fine, as I haven’t seen any evidence in you of having even the slightest mean bone… the principle characteristic of those who I consider evil, or even just stupid and lazy… none of which apply to you…. “Hurting other people unnecessarily is the ONLY real sin; all others are made up nonsense. Hurting one’s self isn’t a sin; it’s just stupid.” — Robert Heinlein

      🙂 Take care, luv, and Blessed Be…..

    • Jerry…

      Thank you my friend… always a pleasure to hear!

      Don’t know if you caught today’s post (4/18/12), but I mention in it that my email notifications are burying me, so I’ve turned them off for a while…. but, wanted you to know I’ll still be checking your blog, along with my other faves, every day after I post, to see what’s up in NYC and the music scene around the country…

      Anywho, I’m glad you’re enjoying the stuff I throw out there… makes it worthwhile, for sure, to hear that folks like it…. take care, & Blessed Be….

      • Yes Ned I caught that your emails were overwhelming you…I totally understand. I just got notification today that I have been accepted as a paid writer for after about 2 months from the date i submitted my portfolio, i will be the local arts & entertainment writer for my area…so soon I may be MIA from the blog world…I hope not but I will see if I can keep it up. Have a great day!

        • Very cool news, I’m really happy for you!

          I wrote for them for about a year, as a Oakland Bay Area Food & Beverage Examiner first, then as a Social Issues Examiner for a couple of months before I parted ways with them… No hard feelings or anything, they were always supportive and helpful, even allowing me to change my title when I asked. I just found myself to be too limited in what I could write about for such a nationally or even locally public market…

          As is obvious, my opinions tend to be a bit radical in nature, so it was hard to tone down what I said, and became too hard to figure out what was okay to write about. My blog here allows me to let myself go anywhere my mind takes me, and many of those places just weren’t places where many Examiner readers would follow me…even on Social Issues.

          But, what you write about already is perfect for that venue, and I can see your site there growing really rapidly. It could possibly be quite lucrative, as it is paid according to ad revenue generated by your pages, and you have an appeal to a large, wide audience….so, congratulations, I think you and are a great fit!…. 🙂

          Take care my friend, and best wishes with the new gig… Blessed Be…

          • Thanks for sharing your experience with me Ned, I have been looking at the forums for comments and issues by other writers, but we shall see how I fare. Thanks for the compliment and encouragement. Take care.

  9. Reblogged this on gigoid and commented:


    I am still busy monitoring the fires here in Northern California, which still threaten the homes of my two brothers, and my two kids. They’re all safe, though packed & ready to evacuate (again) if necessary…. This means, of course, no fresh Pearl yet. I managed to find time to search out this Pearl to re-blog today, and it’s a doozy, for sure…. Long, with some rather fine ranting, & a bunch of great pearls, it seems to have stimulated the most comments, ever; the comment section is twice the length of the actual Pearl… I hope you enjoy it, & I’ll keep working on a fresh one, which I’ll post as soon as the fires are under control… Until then, stay strange, and, more importantly, remain as mindful as you can….

    See ya soon…

    gigoid, the dubious


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