Fast Pan Soft Toe Shoe Affairs….


I am still busy monitoring the fires here in Northern California, which still threaten the homes of my two brothers, and my two kids. They’re all safe, though packed & ready to evacuate (again) if necessary…. This means, of course, no fresh Pearl yet. I managed to find time to search out this Pearl to re-blog today, and it’s a doozy, for sure…. Long, with some rather fine ranting, & a bunch of great pearls, it seems to have stimulated the most comments, ever; the comment section is twice the length of the actual Pearl… I hope you enjoy it, & I’ll keep working on a fresh one, which I’ll post as soon as the fires are under control… Until then, stay strange, and, more importantly, remain as mindful as you can….

See ya soon…

gigoid, the dubious



Legal requirements are such that I must inform you that today’s Pearl may exceed the normal limits on acceptable behavior for blogs whose content consists primarily of personal observations and opinions. I got eight hours sleep last night, if the clock isn’t lying to me, and I don’t know just what effect that will have on what goes in here. So, I figure I’d best give y’all a head’s up….

HEY! LOOK OUT!  Reading this may be hazardous. Not to you health, per se, but to your state of mind, which, it is acknowledged, MAY affect one’s health. But, there is really no worries, mates….. if you take a few basic precautions, you’ll be just fine.

First, try to suspend your beliefs for a bit…. I know, it’s hard, and they complain so much. But, if they aren’t lending their usual degree of panicky, tearful insecurity nonsense to the…

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