First the socks, THEN the shoes….`


Though I managed to post two fresh Pearls in a row, today’s intended Pearl got subsumed by Reality, which provided me with distractions galore, in the form of actual danger threatening my family. I’m sure the media has informed the world how Northern California’s wine country, where most of my family and I live, is on fire. My son and daughter had to evacuate their homes for a day, & though now back, may have to leave again, as the fires are again threatening to eat much of the communities around Sonoma Mountain. I haven’t checked yet this morning, but, since my two brothers also had to evacuate for a time, I spent much of the day monitoring the news on the fires, & trying to make sure they were all safe. I did manage to search long enough to find this rather iconic Pearl from a about 3 years ago, with some fine ranting, and a good pack of fine pearls. I hope you enjoy it; I’m off to find out how it all went last night for the family, all of whom are closer to danger than am I. If I can find the time, I’ll have a Pearl for tomorrow; if not, you’ll see another re-blog, with an update on Reality…. Until then, be safe, be well, & happy as you may…..

gigoid, the dubious



“A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.”

~~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe ~~

farewell to Spock from the ISS
Terry Virts, US Astronaut, in tribute to Spock, from the International Space Station

NASA picture, above Leonard Nimoy’s home, Boston, Massachusetts

Yes, thank you, I do know I’m late. Yes, there are things I can do to mitigate that. The question remains, should I? The next question, naturally, brings with it more responsibility, and, more inner conflict, arising out of the state of concrete, the substance my brain resembles the most at this moment in time, to wit: does this mean there won’t be any toast points?

Now, many of you, seeing such a demanding philosophical euphemism, will think I’ve slipped right round the bend for good. In that, you may be correct, but, it doesn’t preclude the need to find some sort of order, if we are ever to make…

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