The stupidity factor was obviously miscalculated….


Much of the world, or, this little corner of it, is on fire. Normally, it’s not much of a worry, but, I have four family members (2 brothers, my son, & daughter) living right in the path of the wildfires running out of control here in Northern California. My son and one brother have had to evacuate, & the others may yet also have to go… so, to say the least, I’m a bit distracted by events in the BBR, & there won’t be a fresh Pearl for another day, at least. Here’s a pretty decent one I found in the few moments I took to search, first posted in 2013…. I hope you enjoy it, & if not, well, oh, well…. I’ll be back when things are a little more stable…. Take care, & stay alert….



For most of my life, my favorite activity, above all things, has been to watch people, and try to understand them. I’ve never really known why it pleases me so to just sit, watching people walk by, pondering the ins and outs of the lives and motivations of the people I see pass before me, but, I know that I can no more stop wondering than I could stop thinking, or breathing…. It’s just too fascinating a pastime to resist, for me….

Though I am well experienced at that pastime, I can’t say that I have reached any particularly earth-shattering conclusions about human nature, though I think I’ve seen enough to not be too shocked by anything it can show me in that arena….. I learned long ago never to underestimate the power of human stupidity….

I also learned to never undervalue the potential for human courage, and to…

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