Such pretty little teeth you have…..

The sun rose slowly, majestic, climbing up to sit on the horizon over the deep expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, halfway to Ireland from the coast of France. As I watched its regular progress toward the zenith, I reflected on the time just spent…..

It seems my muse has deserted me, just when I needed her the most….. Now I’m going to have to re-load Smart Bee, so I can find her again, hiding in one of the quotes I’ll see eventually. We are speeding toward Cork (Cobh), the town on the Irish coast nearest to where the Titanic went down in the early 20th century. It will be my first time off the ship, as I didn’t want to visit Paris for just one day (and, as I discovered, the one day of the week when the Louvre is closed, meaning my only reason to go wasn’t happening….), and I had no interest in the isle of Guernsey, where we’ve been anchored all day…. So, I’m going to go load SB; I’ll be right back to start today’s Pearl…..

“I’m a fucshia bowling ball somewhere in Brittany” — Zippy the Pinhead

Trust Zippy to come up with an appropriate statement to fit any occasion… In this case, he describes my feelings for much of the day yesterday. Since coming aboard this ship, I’ve had several instances of having the staff tell me something, and not having it happen. In and of themselves, each of the incidents might not have been a big deal, but coming one after another, I rapidly lost patience, thanks to the emotional morass that exists in me at all times…. I just don’t deal well with stress anymore…. After the last incident, in the spa, it took me hours to regain my equilibrium, and I still didn’t get my massage! I know that we all have to learn to live with disappointment, but it isn’t supposed to be like this when I’m paying these prices….

Rather than spend another day in the dumps, however, I resolve to put it behind me, at least long enough to put out this Pearl, now being written at 0430 in the morning, because that is when I awoke, fully charged, having gone to bed at 9 PM last night, and spent all night dreaming about…. something. Any who, this meandering batch of BS will serve well enough as an intro, at least until I can find something better….. Shall we Pearl?…..

Sometimes, Smart Bee is smarter than usual. These five little aphorisms point in a direction that will enable me to bring back some balance, and hopefully, allow me to find my center sometime before the cruise is over…. These are all excellent advice, for any day, not just the difficult ones…..

Be happy while y’er leevin,
For y’er a lang time deid.

— Scottish motto for a house

“If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.” — Lin Yutang

“There are always options.” — Worf, “The Emissary”, stardate 42901.3

“To a man of strong character misfortune may do him more good than harm.” — Roger Bacon

“On the other hand, life can be an endless parade of TRANSSEXUAL QUILTING BEES aboard a cruise ship to DISNEYWORLD if only we let it!!” –Zippy the Pinhead

I haven’t thought about poetry in over a week now, having been somewhat preoccupied with this trip. I find myself in need of some Emily D….

Me! Come! My dazzled face
In such a shining place!

Me! Hear! My foreign ear
The sounds of welcome near!

The saints shall meet
Our bashful feet.

My holiday shall be
That they remember me;

My paradise, the fame
That they pronounce my name.

~~ Emily Dickinson ~~

In the interests of keeping it simple, here is a picture from my stay in London…. I got several good shots while riding around on the double-decker tour bus, but, since I can’t upload many pix on this network connection on board ship, I’m limiting it to one good shot per Pearl…. This is a picture of the Houses of Parliament with the tower of Big Ben…..
Day 3 and 4 013__________________________________

Not too bad for an off-the-cuff effort….. and, regardless, it’s going to go out, as is…. My plan for today is to brave the rainy weather in Cork, Ireland, long enough to find a sweater or two….. I will try to post again tomorrow, but, given the unreliability of the connections I have, it may or may not be possible…. I’ll do all I can, though, to put out something…..  Y’all take care out there, and May the Metaphorse be with you…..

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes
I just sits.



3 thoughts on “Such pretty little teeth you have…..

  1. Reblogged this on gigoid and commented:

    I’m still, apparently, in the throes of the emotional morass mentioned in this post. I’m re-blogging it solely to assuage my guilt at not writing anything for a couple days. It actually helped, as I am now using the same method described to combat my current battle with reality…

    I’ll be back, but, I can’t say when… Until then, kindly accept my apologies for not visiting other blogs very much, and, please enjoy today’s retrospective travelogue of my first trip to Europe….



  2. “Me! Come! My dazzled face
    In such a shining place!

    Me! Hear! My foreign ear
    The sounds of welcome near!

    The saints shall meet
    Our bashful feet.

    My holiday shall be
    That they remember me;

    My paradise, the fame
    That they pronounce my name.

    ~~ Emily Dickinson ~~”

    WeLL.. mY friEnd..
    i spent 66 months
    in a hole wHere for the
    first 33 months i could Not
    connect to ANY one.. noT
    even the family that was my
    wiFe in Home alone.. my bed
    room was my heLL.. my eYes
    and ears were my pain.. mY
    Body wHole was the sAme
    pain only
    heLL of
    Rings singing
    death of the tar
    oiled bird around
    my tree of life
    cliff of death sAMe..
    after 33 months i found
    a word online on Thanks
    giving day of November 26, 2010
    then that was the pain sTiLL of nails
    sticking through my face Hole of the
    cross of a thouSand years.. but i had
    to live.. tHeRe was no choice.. God’s voice
    came to my wife in words of a place that says
    you must live.. you must live no matter pain..
    or regret.. you must live.. for what comes neXt
    no matter KNoW or FeeL and not.. yes.. the hanging tree
    on what my wife called a Martin Road.. a place planned
    by me for a chained death on lonely tree wHere my liFe
    with some ending meaning for a bite of something to eat
    for vultures and ants of LiFe oF circle sAMe to breathe aGain..
    wHere my wife dreamed an only dream that she and her grand
    ma were hanGinG ChrisMas ornaments so sad they were then..
    a turn of a friEndly card.. my friend.. IS A God pArT who lives as
    mY WiFe.. and empathy and compassion so deep that it kNows
    no description of science or empirical method of measurement
    same.. and then there was also that day.. thaT time stood sTiLL
    and slowed down to WHere my wife sAid as i struggled to walk
    around the bLock at the beGinninG of my Fiercest HeLL at
    the end of January 2008.. did you feel THAT.. Time slowed
    DoWN.. only a split-second after i FelT the sAMe..
    wE are connected.. bottom lIne in tHis
    interdependent relationship that
    can be cAlled God wHole
    or a Blue Magic Turtle..
    the words and or myths
    that house and vehicle
    and vessel trUth and liGht
    matter noT in ForMs aLonE..
    wHat is reaL is WHAt wE experience
    aLiVe.. and the More AliVe we seek and
    fInd in the Moment of Now.. through moVinG
    connEcTing and cReating make the FaMe oF
    whatever iS noW ReaL.. TiMe is a River of Now
    with no nAme.. REaLiTy is whaT wE co-Create
    as WitH GoD sAMe.. and i aM heRE noW.. so aLiVe
    no matter what anyone says or feels noW about
    thAT/tHiS bottom liNe
    i rise
    i rise
    i rise
    i LiVeNoW..
    iN HeaVen REAL..:)

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