Such pretty little teeth you have…..

I’m still, apparently, in the throes of the emotional morass mentioned in this post. I’m re-blogging it solely to assuage my guilt at not writing anything for a couple days. It actually helped, as I am now using the same method described to combat my current battle with reality…

I’ll be back, but, I can’t say when… Until then, kindly accept my apologies for not visiting other blogs very much, and, please enjoy today’s retrospective travelogue of my first trip to Europe….




The sun rose slowly, majestic, climbing up to sit on the horizon over the deep expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, halfway to Ireland from the coast of France. As I watched its regular progress toward the zenith, I reflected on the time just spent…..

It seems my muse has deserted me, just when I needed her the most….. Now I’m going to have to re-load Smart Bee, so I can find her again, hiding in one of the quotes I’ll see eventually. We are speeding toward Cork (Cobh), the town on the Irish coast nearest to where the Titanic went down in the early 20th century. It will be my first time off the ship, as I didn’t want to visit Paris for just one day (and, as I discovered, the one day of the week when the Louvre is closed, meaning my only reason to go wasn’t happening….)…

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6 thoughts on “Such pretty little teeth you have…..

    • Thank you, amigo; I appreciate that. In fact, one reason I know I’ll be back is the intelligent discourse I find online, which is damn near impossible to find anywhere offline these days… For me, anyway. I need to realign my personal inner structure a bit, to better deal with little things that currently drive me up the wall… I’m out of touch with what’s real, I think, so I’m spending more time there….

      But, as I said… I’ll be back eventually… & I appreciate the words of compassion, a lot…


  1. “Man believes he has free will: this is his illusion”
    “Controlled imagination becomes mental work”
    I have been having a break as well……

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