Soften the edges with a little innuendo….

I wasn’t here yesterday, and, I’m not here today. At this point, I can’t say when I’ll be back, as I’m re-connecting with parts of reality…. I hope. At any rate, here’s another re-blog, just so you know I do care. Well, a little…. I’ll be back, eventually…. Until then, enjoy this archived post, and have some fun….



Do you feel it? That suffocating sense of burgeoning terror, the shivering fear that steals over us to freeze the blood, that makes us want to run, screaming gibberish at the top of our voice, fleeing as fast as we can, until our lungs want to burst? Is it filling your mind with visions of demons, ripping innocent victims to pieces with ravening claws, eating them while still alive?….. Well, cut it out, because that’s just silly…. It’s just a blog intro, and just because I MIGHT end up filling the next five paragraphs with nonsensical blather isn’t sufficient reason to go all wonky on us….

Of course, that is the way I feel every morning, but, that’s probably TMI, considering the time of day; nobody needs to know my motivation at 0400 in the morning, with only one or two sips of coffee on board so far, to…

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3 thoughts on “Soften the edges with a little innuendo….

    • Thanks, my friend; it will be, eventually. I’ll write about it soon, as it may affect future posts. I’m engaged in a battle with reality, which my PTSD doesn’t appreciate, apparently, as everything seems like it’s happening in a fog, making it harder to get things done… But, little by little, I’m gaining some ground…

      It’s part of why I haven’t been commenting as much… too much angst. So, I’m taking a social media/internet holiday for a time; no FB, no WP, no Twitter… phone calls from friends & relatives only. At least this way, anything I react to is real, not from what I see online, which isn’t actually real…

      Any who, I’ll be back, if only to explain….

      I’ll see ya; I ain’t goin’ away; not far as yet…


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