The cost of implementing the Rules for Sanitary Operation are included in the quoted price…..


Although my fear of the blank white screen is no longer as debilitating as it was in the past, I still feel some pangs on mornings such as this, when I awake, fully rested, but with a mind as foggy as a San Francisco summer’s day….. So far, my daily dose of coffee is working, albeit slowly, and I should probably wait to begin…. In fact, I will… I’ll be right back…

There, that’s a bit better…. Not so much on my mind, so to speak, after a session of worship at the porcelain throne….  😉   If that isn’t delicate enough for you, well, my apologies, and here are the directions to Disney World…. It’s the best you’ll get today, around here, anyway…. I’m not in the best of moods, I guess, so I’ll apologize in advance for any curmudgeonly statements, or rough language you may encounter today….. Not that I really give a shit whether or not you’re offended…. Most of the time, I’m TRYING to offend people, to stimulate some kind of reaction…. But, today, given my fogginess, and my incipient gruffness,  which is struggling to break free and dump on somebody, well, it’s probably for the best to tender my regrets ahead of any potential issues….

Now that we have that out of the way, what shall we do for an encore? It shouldn’t be too hard to top the above two paragraphs, ensconced as they are in such mundane mediocrity…. Hell, I could have done as well while still on the throne…. But, protocol calls for some kind of chatty discussion of future events at this juncture, and protocols MUST be followed, or chaos ensues…. Hmm…. Chaos, eh? That actually sounds like fun; maybe we should try…. No, no, that’s being indulgent, and liable to lead us all into places we can’t easily back out of…. especially around here, where there are so many forces of nature just bursting with anticipation of being allowed to jump and dump on some unsuspecting visitor…. No, we’ll leave the chaos for another day….

But, since we’re not going to head down that path, where should we go? I’m at somewhat of a loss, having already handed over the reins of responsibility for how this turns out, placing it firmly in the hands of the Gentle Readership, back there in paragraph 3…. Didn’t you notice? I did, for sure, as it makes it easier on me, not having to make those decisions while my brain is still functioning at around 40% efficiency….. Maybe AFTER my first cup is down, I’d be able to make such decisions with alacrity, but, for now, I’m leaving it up to y’all…. Oh, wait….

I just realized I can’t do that…. I have to finish the Pearl FIRST, then post, and only then can the Gentle Readers tell me what THEY think…. No way to get that input at this point in the process…. Oh well, I tried… Since it is now back in my court to decide what to do, I’m going to go limp on y’all…. Cosmic judo, so to speak…. I see that I’ve managed, again, to wander around without any visible purpose for almost five paragraphs…… and THAT is a legal intro, ffolkes, by every legal requirement that exists….. That means I can be done with this, and go find some other kind of trouble to cause…. Yay!…..

Shall we Pearl?…..

“Find time still to be learning somewhat good, and give up being desultory.” — Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180 AD) — Meditations, ii, 7

You can’t blame me for this one…. Below you’ll find a seven-star pearl, but I didn’t put it together…. Each of the following quotations picked itself; I didn’t want ANY of them, but, when I went to paste, there they were…. When Smart Bee does that, I’m helpless to make any changes; I’ve tried in the past, and it just doesn’t work out…. So, I’ve learned to just let them be, let say what they’re going to say, and get on with the rest of the Pearl…. Such is the case today… For the life of me, I’m having trouble figuring out what the point(s) is/are for this, but, as I said, it wasn’t up to me to decide, so…. just deal with it, okay? We’ll go on as soon as y’all are done….

“As Meander says, “For our mind is God;” and as Heraclitus, “Man’s genius is a deity.”” — Plutarch (46-120 AD) — Platonic Questions, i

“The treacherous are ever distrustful.” — Gandalf

“And Man said: ‘Let there be God,’ and there was God!” –Smart Bee

“Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.” — G. K. Chesterton, ILN, 4/19/30

“Faith in a holy cause is to a considerable extent a substitute for lost faith in ourselves.” — Eric Hoffer

“A lie isn’t a lie if it’s in reply to a question the questioner has no right to ask.” — Rex Stout

“The purpose is to identify not with the body which is falling away, but with  the consciousness of which it is a vehicle.  This is something I learned from my myths.  Am I the bulb that carries the light, or am I the light of which  the bulb is the vehicle?  If you can identify with consciousness, you can watch this thing go like an old car. There goes a fender, etc. But it’s expected; and then gradually the whole thing drops off and consciousness rejoins consciousness. I live with these myths — and they tell me to do this, to identify with the Christ or the Shiva in me.  And that doesn’t die, it resurrects.  It is an essential experience of any mystical realization that you die in your flesh and are born to your spirit.  You identify with the consciousness in life — and that is the god.” — Joseph Campbell

Okay, so, I can sort of see where it’s going, or where it went…. which isn’t too bad, considering…. In the interests of time-management, we’ll STILL go on….

This poem is a contribution from milady Patricia, my partner, my roomie, my current love…. It was written by the father of her son, in days gone by…. I think it’s lovely, and hope you enjoy it, as well….

Woman of the Night

Soft dawn
Summer light on snowy skin
Her presence, her body
warm as ocean sand and salty air,
Hard night
Winter moon caught in infinite eyes
We share the warmth, physical love.
For her winter eyes
lure her lovers
into the indifferent labyrinths
under her star-white flesh,
And she leaves them
Quickly as twilight’s slipping softly away
from a seagull’s pleading cry
echoing in the still Sierra vastness.

~~ Ryan Miller ~~


Below you’ll find a short, but concise, religirant, another blast from the past, as I continue to mine my archives for material I can use today, to save me a bit of time, and mental energy, which I can always use to decide where I’m going for my next trip to…. ANYWHERE!…. Any who, all personal idiosyncrasies aside, this one is pretty good, I think, so pay attention, if you please, and take heed of what it says, for it is good advice, if naught else….

From April 27, 2012

“He that doubteth is damned.” — Romans 14:23

It took a while, but it was worth the time spent searching…. This is a perfect example of how, if we let them, all those folks who would have us believe that the Bible, (or any other sacred books inspired by alleged supernatural entities), is a direct line of information from God, will go to almost any lengths, trying to trick us into doing exactly what that book tells us to do. In this case, they apply both guilt and fear of retribution in the next life if we question any of what we are told by that book, or any of what we are taught by those who hold it as truth….

I have previously written here as to the value that Doubt possesses, in the bag of tools people have to get by in this complex, confusing universe we inhabit. It is our only defense against information or events that can cause, or even intend, us harm, rather than good; such information invariably is given to us by other people, whose only intent in doing so is to achieve some sort of power or control over us. I don’t think this is a particularly hard concept to understand; its proof lies in almost every interaction we have when faced with organized religions. Anyone who has studied the psychology of humans can point out the techniques of behavioral modification used by the religious hierarchies to assert their will upon the public….

The above short little warning/threat, drawn directly from the Christian Bible, (Old Testament, if memory serves….), implies that anyone who does not bend over in submission to its decree will spend eternity in Hell. Hmm, a bit harsh, don’t you think? For merely entertaining a question regarding the accuracy of a concept presented, one with no evidence that proves its reliability? The Universe at large presents us with such false information regularly; anyone who doesn’t learn caution in such instances is liable for the consequences, which can be severe, such as in the case of being confronted by an apparently friendly, but in reality, rabid dog. Rabies is no picnic, from all reports, so, Doubt, used as a tool in such instances, is very appropriate, patently a valuable one.

However, in the minds of the folks who are selling faith-based products, Doubt is the last thing they want people to have in mind when considering what they say. It tends to cause their arguments to fall apart right in front of their eyes, and they cannot make the sale that way. If they can’t convince people to accept what they say without questioning it, their entire house of cards will come tumbling down around their ears, and they would have to give up all those nice little perks that go along with having everyone believe everything they say, like having poor people willingly give up 10% of their earnings in tithe, or getting to reside, with no rent, in a house built by the labor of others…. Did you think they would give that up easily?…. Well, then you’ve lost your strongest ally against such degradations to your sensibilities…. a healthy sense of Doubt….

“Fear not, for I have given you authority to do so.” — Smart Bee, via some random preacher’s King James version….

I suppose it is no big surprise that I should be done already this morning…. Having utilized a poem from home, already done, and something from the archives, putting the rest of this Pearl together wasn’t bound to take up a lot of time, unless I really, really tried to procrastinate heavily…. which, fortunately, I didn’t…. I could have, but, what would be the point? It’s MY blog, so procrastinating only harms ME, and I haven’t reached the point of self-abuse for fun, or even for profit, since there is none to be had for that….. SIGH…. blather… It’s a bane, and a gift, I suppose…. Let’s see how this all holds up under scrutiny….

I should have known…. Every time I create a Pearl without using any forethought as to direction, it seems to end up as a pretty good Pearl…. I’m not sure I even WANT to know what that means, either about me, or about the Pearls…. I guess that’s why it was extra smart of me to call them Virtual Wisdom, rather than insisting on people taking them for real wisdom…. Whatever it was, this one will do, so…. See ya….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest  Carole, Mark, and Theresa…
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes
I just sits.



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