Unwelcome signs of renewed affability….


“Do you believe in reason?”

~~ Smart Bee ~~



Image by NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft, on flyby of Pluto 7/14/2015

Good morning…. Gird your grids for a big one, ffolkes…. This one got away from me…

Yesterday, in the afternoon, I had a period of what I call F.T.D. time, (fuck the doctor) in which my attention required distraction from physical issues… In short, I went pearling, to keep from giving in to screaming bones and twitching muscles, (courtesy of 2 ignorant Kaiser employees who mistakenly call themselves doctors…), which generally makes me want to hurt things…. Any who, I found an old intro that was, to be frank, amazingly strange and wonderful, for some reason… It’s long, and it wanders around unmercifully…. but, it got where it meant to go, and did it with some aplomb… I like it so much, I’m going to subject you to it again, and I don’t even care I may lose half my readers in the process…

Here, then, is the intro section from 6/24/2014….


Seemingly, my ego knows no bounds…. or, I’m becoming too much a blogger, having lost track of what is important in the search for material about which to write EVERY DAY…. I also figured out it’s the ‘every’ part that makes the difference; once one has committed to a fresh post each day, there is no more leniency allowed…. or so it seems to me….

Ego, though, is NOT allowed to be the driving force behind all I do; that particular battle has been waging inside me for most of my life, ever since I learned allowing ego to drive one’s bus is to court a life full of misery and pain, not always my own…. which only makes it worse. So, I try to focus on duty, instead, which may have elements of ego in it, from the process of choosing, but, duty, by its nature, and by what I was taught about it, does not lend itself well to ego driven choices. As one who accepts the entire concept of duty, as well as what it means, one realizes duty to others is the only one that counts toward earning self-respect….

I suppose all that’s a pretty high-falutin’ chain of reasoning, basically amounting to an outburst of well, bullshite, ostensibly lamenting my lateness, which, today, is great, indeed…. Having slept an hour past my normal time to arise, the coffee, while ready, has been cooking for all that time, and should make up the difference in time by loading me up with a truly massive dose of caffeine in the first cup…. I can attest, actually, as I can feel my typing speed increasing as I type this sentence…. Not bad, eh? Another couple blathering, wandering paragraphs, and this will look just like a Pearl that started on time…. whatever that may be…..

Face it now, ffolkes…. when I’m this late, there’s no telling what may happen; this process is already about as random as I can make it…. When fate steps in to fuss with the timing, or the layout, or any of the interior furnishings, the degree of randomness only increases, not arithmetically, but, worse, hyperbolically…. which, though, perhaps, a bit canny, is NOT in itself hyperbole…. Besides, I really meant to write the word, “parabolic”, which is the correct word for my meaning…. hyperbolic merely describes the end result better, as it’s meaning implies a parabola with a slope approaching infinity…..

I should know…. hyperbole is one of my favorite tools as a writer, especially when writing about politicians, or preachers, who both have made the use of hyperbole a part of their everyday patterns of communication…. If you don’t believe me, just go listen to a sermon, or a political speech some day, counting the number of times the pastor-person employs it in their speech; it might just amaze you….. Me, I got tired of it, so I don’t much listen any more…. Of course, in my case, that started at about age 4, so I’ve had lots of practice at ignoring their nonsense….

Look, it’s an intro! Not just ANY intro, either…. It’s got a mini-rant flavor to it, and actually sets the stage for what MAY come after…. I can guarantee no fresh rant today; there isn’t time to go further into that sort of byplay with my targets with what is left of my morning. But, that’s okay, I’ve got a good one on tap from the archives, as mentioned earlier this week…. The Wise Old Pine Cone is gone for a day or two, attending a tournament down south with his paduan…. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go with them, so I won’t have any pictures of that…. The old one has promised me I could take some shots of an upcoming lesson when he returns, so, that will be good…. For now….

Shall we Pearl?…..

“A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.” — Oscar Wilde, “Oscariana”

Not too shabby, I’d say…. Let’s get right on with today’s mess….

Shall we Pearl?….

Call any vegetable,
Call any vegetable,
And the chances are good
That the vegetable
Will respond to you.

~~ Frank Zappa, Lyrics in “Absolutely Free” ~~



Image from free-covers.org via Google Images

Recently, one of my Gentle Readers commented on how often I retreated to the past for this video section…. My primary response was to go “Thtptptptpt!”, but, since it was a friend, I merely said I’d see what I could do…. To show I was listening, here’s a band we’ve all listened to for a very long time, since they began back in the 60’s…. On the page where I found this video, of a show in 2013, there are videos of live concerts by this band dating from 1969, right up to 2015…. Ffolkes, I give you one of the finest musical groups to ever sit down to play….. Chicago….


Chicago Live






“Well, O.K.  I’ll compromise with my principles because of EXISTENTIAL DESPAIR!

~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~

Of late, my level of angst seems to have dropped below the level necessary to produce a rant of sufficient vitriol to cause some damage. I’m still having some issues there, so, I’m cheating again, with a fairly cogent, reasonably short little diatribe from a couple years ago…. It will have to do….

From 3/17/2013:

“If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever.  Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time–a tremendous whack.” — Sir Winston Churchill

I’ve used this quote previously, usually as part of a group of pearls leading to some point or another; it’s a very good quote, strong, positive, with a solid essence of meaning. It’s also damn good advice, which I try to heed at every opportunity I give myself to rant…. Winnie had a very good point here, mainly because he had the task of getting an entire island full of asses who believe themselves to be independent minded to work together to save those selfsame asses from the Germans, who were themselves displaying their own form of assholiness…. A bloody disgusting task, if you ask me, but, he was obviously the man for the job, as he seldom gave a shit about what anyone else thought, about much of anything….

The insight shown in this statement, however, is much deeper than is at first apparent…. Winnie understood that the average Englishman, as is true for the whole planet, as a rule of thumb, is pretty stupid, and stubborn to boot, being mostly unwilling to listen to anything they don’t wish to hear, whether smart or dumb, much less see any need to act on it. This, as might be clear to others, as it is to me, is NOT a particularly valuable frame of mind if one wishes to survive, and Winnie, knowing his people, was quite willing to use a two-by-four as his primary teaching tool to get his points across to the idiots he was forced to deal with during WWII….

Sad to say, this stupidity on the part of the larger part of humanity continues to this day…. Witness, if you will, the current crop of movies, if you wish to get a clue as to where the mind of humanity is focused…. It may amaze you, and will most likely depress you, to see that there is not a single movie about anything more serious than adolescent acne anywhere to be seen… Oh, there are what are termed psychological thrillers, but, they are mostly just shock literature, designed to make a good screenplay more than to explore the human psyche…. Nothing out there is remotely intelligent, because there just isn’t a market for it…..

I’m not proposing any solutions here; this is strictly a gripe session, for my benefit only. I get so tired of watching the parade of human events, because it so often turns sad, and depressing, to see how stupid and ignorant people can be…. and how cowardly most people are in asserting morality in public…. You know a society is going downhill when the police drive around acting as if they are under siege, and the people do not trust them at all to show either fairness, or restraint. In the town where I live, the worst traffic offenders I see on a daily basis are the police, who set the worst possible example for other drivers, even, and especially, when they are NOT responding to calls….

And the government wonders why nobody trusts them? Our society is sick, ffolkes, and I’m out here with my pile driver to hit that point again. That last paragraph was my second hit, and now, the tremendous whack of which Winnie spoke….

We are all responsible for the sorry state of the world, equally…. Those of us who are not actively engaged in actions which are destructive, are guilty of not speaking up often enough to get the attention of those who are, nor are we engaged in doing anything which will stop their deliberate depredations. They are guilty of being assholes, yes…. but we are all guilty of complicity in that, and can claim no less responsibility for when we fall down the hole we’ve been digging for ourselves…. And, that is the TRUTH….

“I’m amoral, and it’s been bothering my conscience.” — Smart Bee

“To escape criticism — do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” — Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915)

“You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.” — Romans 2:1

(I’ve always maintained there is a lot of good advice in the Bible, as long as one doesn’t go all fanatic about its origin…. this is a perfect example of that contention….)



Funny Bones

Dreaming the way home, lost, unseen,
from the dance, where
he felt so free, and clean.
Sorrow couldn’t find him there.

Waiting, filling up the hours, hoping,
some connection can be found
keeping busy as bees, coping.
Love creeps in, without a sound.

Fat days, skinny nights, passionate
visions of semi-conscious entities,
cannot seem to fully illuminate
or hide our innermost frailties.

Resolute, find the perfect sense, codify
simple rules with every breath
never waiting, anxious to modify.
fear nothing in life, not even Death.

~~ gigoid ~~

Written 5/13/2013.



    Those Gentle Readers who come here often will recognize today’s picture for this section. It’s Lao Tzu, of course, author of the Tao Teh Ching, the Taoist Master I consider as one of my mentors, as far as any ancient sage can be. The pearls you will find below are typical of the ideas Lao Tzu concerned himself with in speaking of the Tao, all of which are representations of the Reality he saw, and knew he could not fully describe…. In short, these are rules for living, any of which, when applied to one’s approach to life, can be of great comfort and value, bringing serenity, and joy, to balance the pain and strife with which the Universe presents us to cope with as a matter of course….

The most significant part for me is that all of these gems were given to me by SB in one swell foop…. Yep, the first seven pearls I looked at were these…. I think that says something about synchronicity, as well as serendipity, two of the nicer manifestations of the forces of entropy in our world…. Enjoy!….

“No one regards what is before his feet; we all gaze at the stars.” — Quintus Ennius

“Do not turn back when you are just at the goal.” — Publius Syrus — Maxim 580

“Je plie et ne romrs pas. (I bend and do not break.)” — Jean de la Fontaine

“I am defeated, and I know it, if I meet any human being from whom I find myself unable to learn anything.” — George Herbert Palmer

“…the wise man looks into space, and does not regard the small as too little, nor the great as too big; for he knows that there is not limit to dimensions.” — Lao Tzu

We view things not only from different sides, but with different eyes– we have no wish to find them alike.” — Pascal

“What is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads.” — Albert Camus


Given the circumstances under which today’s Pearl was constructed, the mere fact it is done should be noted for historical relevance; few instances in the long history of mankind will demonstrate the degree of silliness, and sheer irrelevance, shown here today. Not only that, but, it was completed completely in the nude!

Not really; it’s a bit chilly for that; but, I was nude under my clothes; does that count? Yes, I’m a bit punchy. It may not look like it, but, this one took a lot out of me, in spite of the lack of fresh material…. Oh well, enough whining; we’ve all got better stuff to do, now this is out of the way. Y’all should go do that, and so shall I…. I’ll be back tomorrow, ffolkes; that’s the only warning you’ll get…..

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
   and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch


À bientôt, mon cherí….


25 thoughts on “Unwelcome signs of renewed affability….

    • G’day Himali…

      Asking an old man how he’s doing can be dangerous; it could conceivably stimulate more of a response than you’re expecting, so, I’ll just say, I’m hanging in there….

      I was going to have a lovely day, but, then I thought, “Nah, I’ve had a lot of those lately. I think I’ll have a kick-ass day!”


      You have a happy weekend too, young paduan…

      Blessed Be…

      gigoid, the dubious


  1. At The Risk Of Being…….. Judged….
    .“If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time–a tremendous whack.” — Sir Winston Churchill

    Chicago….. does not count!
    Not by a long shot!

    And, while I am at it….

    3 Temptations of Buddha:
    Are What Hold You In The Field Of Time.
    Just saying….;)

      • Lady Penelope,

        Judging isn’t allowed on ECR… Certainly not by me… Well, not true; I judge all the time… e.g. Winnie was indeed an asshole of the first degree, and in today’s world, he would probably have been shot at a much younger age than he lived to. But, he was the right person at the right time for what England needed to save their sorry asses from going under… I don’t like him much, from what I read, but, gotta admit, he had some good ideas at times… and a good understanding of people… If only he had the power of introspection, but, if he had ever looked at himself, he would have committed suicide in his teens…

        I was going to say, Chicago does count, but, then I realized I didn’t know what we were counting toward… Do you remember?…. EOA acting up again, I guess…

        (EOA = Early Onset Alzheimer’s…)

        desire, fear, duty… I’ve got two out of three handled fairly well… And, sorry, Buddha, but, if Duty is one of those things which hold me in the field of time, well, it will have to just hold me, cuz there’s no way in hell I’m giving it up…. It’s what defines me, to a great extent….I have no fear left, I’m pretty sure, and I’m getting pretty good with desire; Duty isn’t going anywhere….

        Ta, then, luv….

        gigoid, the dubious


    • It’s often been said that when we point out those things we dislike in others, it can usually be traced to what we don’t like in ourselves…. Mirror, perhaps, would be useful?….


      Actually, since I know you’re related, I get it; I have brothers and sisters, and kids, too… I’ll merely remind you to note our request at the top of the comment section, to wit, please play nicely….

      Either that, or be a bit more creative in your insults… These were pretty lame, even for a brother/child/relation…


      gigoid. the dubious


    • Paul,

      Here at ECR we’ll quote anybody, if they’ve got a good message, or even a bad one that fits. I even use Willie Shakespeare, that hack, and Adolf Hitler, at times, if only as a reverse example of something I’m writing about…and, even though I have no respect for either one…

      We. the 99.9% of humanity, who are at war with the oligarchs for our future, need somebody to pull us together, as Churchill did for England… Besides, he was such an asshole, he comes up with some good stuff; extreme personalities are always more interesting, even if completely wrong….

      So, don’t shoot the messenger….


      gigoid, the dubious


      • Bit of a difference between Will and Winston, I would say. Point taken about Oligarchs and need for someone … Second coming of Christ, percance might just save us all!

        • That particular delusion hasn’t done too well for us; Christianity is responsible for much of the mess we’re in today… I’d much rather we came up with a practical, reality-based solution…


          • I suppose, if one places belief in an invisible object/subject, the next step, to dismissing Reality as unimportant, isn’t such a stretch… but, I still don’t buy it.

            Try subjecting that statement, even both of them together, to a semantic analysis, and you’ll find it is meaningless…

            “Reality based solution, eh? Ha! The essence is invisible to the eyes, my friend!”

            On the one hand, Reality is dismissed with an expression of disbelief, thus minimizing its essential nature as REAL, not words, not assumptions… REAL.

            Then, in the very next sentence, Reality is replaced by an “invisible essence”… I’m afraid an assumption like that just doesn’t meet my standards of examination for verity…

            Sorry; as I said, good effort, but, anything you bring will have to be based on some sort of tangible evidence, not an assumption of ‘rightness’ based on a belief with nothing to see that is actually in reality to examine. It’s all smoke and mirrors…

            But, deep inside, you know that…. in that “invisible” part of you actually connected to reality….

            SIGH…. It’s going to be a long road to survival….


    • Good morning, even if it’s now a full day after the one this post came out… 🙂 S’okay, my routine’s all shot to hell anyway, so, why shouldn’t yours be the same?….

      Besides, since we have the powers of a Time Lord at our disposal, all time spent here doesn’t count in your own time line…. Cool, eh?

      gigoid, and why are, or aren’t, YOU dubious? 😆


  2. Reblogged this on gigoid and commented:


    I tried, coach, but, they were too big for me…. which is to say, oops. The fresh Pearl slotted for today didn’t happen, thanks to my own lack of alertness, with some minor help from our old pal, the Murph. Details would be both superfluous and indulgent, so we’ll skip that to go on. Here is a massive Pearl from 2015, grown past all reason by my descent to hell during the period it first appeared. Since it came out well, and hasn’t been re-used as yes, I’ll do so today…. I’m recovering from my fatigue (from 3 days kid duty in the last 5), & should be able to post a fresh Pearl tomorrow morn, with a bit of luck & perseverance. Until then, please enjoy today’s offering, & remain in a state of bliss, as well as you may….

    See ya soon, ffolkes…..


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