Unwelcome signs of renewed affability….


I tried, coach, but, they were too big for me…. which is to say, oops. The fresh Pearl slotted for today didn’t happen, thanks to my own lack of alertness, with some minor help from our old pal, the Murph. Details would be both superfluous and indulgent, so we’ll skip that to go on. Here is a massive Pearl from 2015, grown past all reason by my descent to hell during the period it first appeared. Since it came out well, and hasn’t been re-used as yet, I’ll do so today…. I’m recovering from my fatigue (from 3 days kid duty in the last 5), & should be able to post a fresh Pearl tomorrow morn, with a bit of luck & perseverance. Until then, please enjoy today’s offering, & remain in a state of bliss, as well as you may….

See ya soon, ffolkes…..




“Do you believe in reason?”

~~ Smart Bee ~~



Image by NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft, on flyby of Pluto 7/14/2015

Good morning…. Gird your grids for a big one, ffolkes…. This one got away from me…

Yesterday, in the afternoon, I had a period of what I call F.T.D. time, (fuck the doctor) in which my attention required distraction from physical issues… In short, I went pearling, to keep from giving in to screaming bones and twitching muscles, (courtesy of 2 ignorant Kaiser employees who mistakenly call themselves doctors…), which generally makes me want to hurt things…. Any who, I found an old intro that was, to be frank, amazingly strange and wonderful, for some reason… It’s long, and it wanders around unmercifully…. but, it got where it meant to go, and did it with some aplomb… I like it so much, I’m going to subject you to…

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