Savage knickers at the seashore….


I’ve been assigned to babysitting duty today, which is the primary reason for a re-blog. Some residual fatigue from my last duty prevented me from getting a fresh Pearl done for today, & that’s the rest of the reason for this sublimation… Whatever my rationale, here ’tis, in all its relatively ancient glory… It’s not bad really, as it sports a poem written that day…. I hope you enjoy it; I’ll have a fresh one ready for tomorrow. Y’all have a great day; me, I’m good to go for this duty, so, let’s all get to our various tasks forthwith…. Blessed Be, my friends….



Last night, a Friday, in my younger days, I would have stayed up late, playing some guitar & having a deep philosophical discussion at intervals between songs with both Tom, my playing partner, and either John or James, (Daniels & Beam, respectively…), whichever we were entertaining that night as monitor for the session. A few other like-minded individuals may have been in attendance, and the air would have been rife with speculative, joyfully creative flights of imagination, music, and Life. Such nights fueled much of the rest of the week back then, providing impetus for making it to the next week’s jam….

Ah, but, those days are gone now…. not forgotten, obviously, but gone, only accessible by memory. Such memories, however, are the soul food for the present; they provide me with ample reason to last another day. Lasting another day, at this point, has assumed a more immediate…

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