This absinthe is perfectly unacceptable….

Still without home service, so a re-blog will have to do today… Enjoy, & know I’ll be back, eventually….



First, the stringsā€¦.. violins, violas, cellos, basses, all start to softly play a slow melody, gently persuading the ear and mind to follow. For a moment the soft sound is all you hear, then, very insidiously, the woodwinds begin to softly play the counterpoint melody with the strings, so that together they are slowly and gently playing a mellow, but happy tuneā€¦.. After a couple of bars of this, the horns start to add in their pointed notes to the rhythmic tune of the other instrumentsā€¦.

Now we have a lively tune, starting to fill up the area with sound.Ā  As the woodwinds gather speed and urgency, the percussion section begins to keep the beat, with deep bass notes filling the bottom bass line, and the snare drums, and the tom toms adding their syncopation and fast, randomly spaced riffs to the spaces between the notes of the restā€¦

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