Uncertain signs of capitulation….


Bad day, worse night, and not over yet. I didn’t have the wherewithal to complete anything, much less a Pearl, so, here’s a good one from 2012… Enjoy!..


Well, I’ll tell ya…. there is nothing quite like being shot from sleep into instant wakefulness by a leg cramp. It’s not too pleasant, either, to spend the first couple moments of that wakefulness screaming in pain while trying to ease off the cramp. Fortunately, it was in the calf, rather than the thigh. I don’t know if I could stand a thigh cramp…. how do you get it to stop? With the calf, you can grab the toes and pull up hard… this will usually stretch the cramping muscle enough to cause it to stop. But, a thigh? How are you going to remember how to stretch it while screaming in pain?  Gotta be worse ways to wake up, but, I’m not aware of them….. thankfully….

Well, now that I’m up, and while I’m waiting for coffee to brew, whom should I assassinate, character-wise? The curmudgeon in me…

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8 thoughts on “Uncertain signs of capitulation….

    • Thanks, milady; I’ve got a plan, and I’m implementing it, with high expectations, in a manner of speaking…. Anything will be better than current reality…. Time goes on, fortunately, and change happens. It’s my remaining hope..


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