Maggie, I swear that penguin winked at me!….

Mornin’, ffolkes,

I’m still not up to a Pearl, though things are showing some improvement, as my plan is executed. Hopefully, I’ll have a fresh Pearl by tomorrow. In the meantime, this is a damn good one, so, enjoy!….



And then, I woke up….. wobbly. That’s wobbly, in the Doctor Who, Tardis-like sense, as regards Time and Space, not the old, rusty bicycle wheel type, that has only to do with one’s progress down the road….. In this sense, wobbly assumes new meaning, much deeper and more relevant to reality than its previous incarnation as a word of note. In this case, wobbly means….. well, wibbly-wobbly.

I know, it’s early for silliness, but, what else can one do when one awakens all giddy and bemused, from having slept to a decent hour, indicative of a number of positive life-events?…. I was so rested and relaxed, I was able to get in a full-body stretch, without falling into a paroxysm of back spasms and leg cramps, for the first time in recent memory, recent being defined as about five years….

Since the universe seems to be in such a…

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22 thoughts on “Maggie, I swear that penguin winked at me!….

    • Don’t know, ozzie…. It was YOUR referral…Wounded warriors, maybe? Or, latent swagmen? I may yet disappear into the deep outback, you know…. soon as I can walk far enough…


      No matter why it came up, thanks, because I’m definitely going to learn to play it. I’ve downloaded the sheet music and lyrics to practice….


  1. I have this problem ……things pop into my head….I do not even ask for them gggrrrr
    and for some reason it….. Popped into my head with you…

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