Sublimation of the need to kill….

Good morrow, and I mean that literally. Heavily under the influence of a great massage, followed by 10 (yes, 10) hours of deep sleep….

I could be a new man, but, I’m only feeling better. I don’t have a Pearl ready, so here is a pretty good one from last year…. I’ll be back tomorrow, fresh and ready to rant, etc….

Y’all be cool….

gigoid, the rested




Calvin: “Do you believe our destinies are determined by the stars?”

Hobbes: “Nah.”

Calvin: “Oh, I do.”

Hobbes: “Really? How come?”

Calvin: “Life’s a lot more fun when you’re not responsible for your actions.”

~~ “Calvin and Hobbes,” Bill Watterson ~~

dancing galaxiesDancing Galaxies

This picture, which I’ve named as I saw fit, was taken by the NASA Hubble Deep Space Telescope, which has given us the ability to see further into the depths of space, and time, than ever before…. In fact, this image is the one they say is the image of the deepest part of space we have seen, so far away, the mind cannot imagine the distance with any real understanding….

I like this picture, as it fits with a fanciful theory of consciousness I have considered for many years…. I am of the opinion that galaxies may be alive, in a way we are not…

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10 thoughts on “Sublimation of the need to kill….

  1. “Life’s a lot more fun when you’re not responsible for your actions.”
    A fatalist option…
    Though not altogether true ….In fact they will tell you where you are going wrong if studied properly.
    Thanx for post!
    Opinionated as ever!

      • But, of course!…. I love Calvin…. and Bill W. is a treasure. He makes Calvin and Hobbes perfect representations of the two sides of human nature always at war with each other; the Indian’s “good dog and bad dog inside me”.

        See ya…. gonna go follow up with a nap!…




          • ‘Wolf’ works as well, and probably, in my case, more apropos…

            As for sleeping like a baby, I hope you don’t mean by waking every three hours either hungry or wet… But, I will, hopefully, continue to sleep “like a log”, a drunken, drugged up, very tired log, at that (well, not drunk… *grin*).

            See ya when I get up….


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