Blessed Art Thou


Literally, the most powerful story about the historical/religious icon, Mary, Mother of God I have ever read, or heard of….

This, my friends, is the most likely scenario, based on logic and historical fact, to be found… Period…

Read it, and weep for today’s world….which resembles the one in which Mary lived too closely for comfort….



The Belle Jar

Trigger warning: mention of rape

I think about Mary a lot.

Not the Mary you see on Christmas cards or in stained glass windows or in children’s bibles. Not the milk-fed blond virgins in Renaissance paintings. Not the grownup white lady in crisp blue robes with the fat baby on her lap. Mary wasn’t any of these people.

I think about Mary as a scrawny kid, barely in her teens and engaged to a man who was probably more than twice her age. She’s be at that age where you’re all arms and legs, when whatever childish grace you had has given way to adolescent clumsiness. She has big dark eyes and long black hair tucked neatly under a veil. Her skin is brown. Her hands are small, quick, good at sewing a tidy hemline or kneading a ball of dough.

I think about what it must have been like to live in a militarized…

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1 thought on “Blessed Art Thou

  1. SMiLes..

    A virgin birth as a myth used to elevate the
    status of a cultural hero is certainly no new
    tool of marketing hyperbole to spread
    a myth housing truth or lies
    in these vehicles and
    vessels to spread
    oral tradition
    then and
    sure to
    sell everything
    now.. in marketing
    101 of appealing
    to basic
    of hope
    and fear..
    a better myth
    of hope sure than
    the fear of death but
    never the less in the context
    of original text.. virgin means
    pure spirit.. and not a state of being
    in between the legs..
    and sure
    that other
    thing is just a concern
    for weak men who fear
    free women.. who
    control their
    destiny.. as they
    do now.. here at
    least.. yeah..
    Karma is
    a bitch huh..
    and the same type of
    weak men.. now live their
    life on ‘reddit’ and other online
    sites.. bitching about how free
    women are bitches.. boo who yeah
    these are the same kind of
    weak men that brought
    women down from
    the get go..
    men who
    are just
    they are not
    man enough to be
    the second in line for
    a women who has experienced
    something better than they.. not
    even having enough frigging
    emotional intelligence to
    understand and FEEL
    that women
    make love
    to 6 feet or so
    of body.. mind..
    and mostly
    H E a R T..
    and not 6 inches..
    give or take whatever…
    But such is the life for
    little boys and sure
    girls too.. who
    were never
    in touch feely
    ways of Unconditional
    Love from Birth by their
    Parents.. Love is grown
    as a garden.. not something
    that can be bought at either
    Walmart or Fancy Malls… it
    takes work and practice
    practice practice..
    and it starts
    at home..
    from the
    of born..
    the best answer to
    rape.. is children who
    are loved from the get
    go.. in all ways rape comes..
    from men to a culture that
    enslaves folks
    as cogs
    as humans
    become robots
    in Real Zombie Apocalypse
    way now.. beyond sad that is..
    but Hope is Love and REAL TOO..:)

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