Three frozen minuets, if you please….


The miracle is not to fly in the air,
or to walk on the water,
but to walk on the earth.

~~ Chinese proverb ~~

Last of Eire 2015 004

Festive Display of the Law of the Jungle

Galway ~ Ireland

Hajime…. Well, ffolkes, here I am, such as I am. I used up my ranting angst last night for today’s ranting section; it’s a good one. Powerful message, anyway, if not perfectly disseminated. ‘T will do for our purpose. With that said, I believe today just might be the day I create a new record here on ECR; this is going to be, perhaps, the shortest intro I’ve done since 2001, or thereabouts. Hmm, not in the dictionary, but, you get the idea…. Oh, right. Short, I said…. How short? This short….

Shall we Pearl?….

“Dying is a very dull, dreary affair. And my advice to you is to have nothing whatever to do with it.” — W. Somerset Maugham



    Having walked a lot yesterday, I’m tired, & in the mood for some classical music. Here is another mix from someone who also likes to have music while reading…. As usual, I picked the one with a picture I liked the best today….. Enjoy!…


Classical Mix





le penseur-rodin

“Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable.”

~~ Plato (428-348? B.C.) ~~

We all know Plato is thought to be one of the most influential thinkers in history; little did we know just HOW correct this particular example of his conjectures/assertions were to be in the final analysis of human nature; nor, I think, did anyone guess/believe how NOT paying attention more closely would cost the entire species.

As humanity exists in today’s world, virtually every man alive is, not merely unaware of this powerful description, personally, but is, as well, completely ignorant of the implications of this simple truth for society, by virtue of their ignorance of self…. This is, essentially, why the most common human male unconsciously bears an unwarranted sense of entitlement, which allows them to put aside any moral, or ethical, rational considerations, in favor of what they WANT….

These boys, for they never become what I would consider men, live their entire lives without examining their own feelings; it is discouraged from birth, by dress, by the attitudes of their parents, siblings, and any peers, all of whom are under the same illusion of superiority, based solely on physical strength, on a gross level. In short, from birth, men are taught “might is right”, and anyone who doesn’t learn to fall in line is branded for life, with any number of labels, which have attached to them a perception of shame for the bearer, all of which discourage individuality and introspection, while simultaneously encouraging the completely unnatural, divisive attitude of false entitlement.

Thus, these ‘boys’, in men’s bodies, learn to abuse women, or any other creature they wish to intimidate, such as the weak and/or vulnerable, or animals. They are taught it is their right, and duty, to “get what they can, and hold it”, usually justifying with such grand logic as “chicks dig dudes with money”… or, a car, or power, or whatever their personal fantasy entails…. and, as behaviorally shaped by commercials on TV….

Finally, without ever having learned any restraint, they learn the most dangerous of these perversions of rationality, they learn it is acceptable to kill to achieve their own desires, at no cost to their own sense of self, or conscience, if any….. These attitudes are all the more insidious for their its most attractive feature, to wit: there is no personal responsibility borne by those who assume the mantle of what I term rogue males of the human species… None of any of what I have described above is ever examined, or discussed, or acknowledged, in public, or in private…. Thus, darkness covers the entire human culture on the planet. Many of the rational men and women in history who HAVE resisted such insanity have noted, “Repression can only exist in silence.”

I saw a picture flash by on my screensaver a moment ago; the subject was a face shot of a lovely young woman, draped in a softly white, almost transparent shawl/scarf, with a pensive expression, fingers of one hand to her chin, with heavily accented eyes… My first thought was of Keats, or another poet’s verses on love…. Then, in a faint echo, from the deep past, I heard, in an accent much as that of the TV character Gomer Pyle (or Goober; perhaps Gomer was talking to his cousin…), a voice saying, “Boy, I’d sure lahk to fuck that!” I realized, even though the thought, or the feeling that spawned such a vile epithet in regard to any woman, was not mine, it was one I have heard so many times, the attitude it represents is embedded in the very culture in which all the men on this planet, mostly (certainly more than 90%…) have been raised since their birth….

I have actually heard, in defense of the human male’s urge to fight, and fuck, whenever he likes, this urge, or, in truth, false sense of entitlement, is based on natural laws, such as the behavior of the lion in re: they will fight over the right to copulate with any female willing & in season. Of course, these idiots, (excuse my mild flame….), when it is pointed out they are completely wrong, both as to motivation of the lion, as well as the consistent non-lethal results of such fighting, and the natural urges involved, (they don’t want to hear how the males never fight the females… ever, unless they are, for their species, insane…) they refuse to listen, or even, if invited, to go actually watch a pride of lions for some time, to try to understand what is actually going on, rather than assuming what they WANT to be true, is as they wish it to be in reality…. (see Plato, above….)

I challenge any one of my readers, male of female, to dispute this assertion> Any who do so, if you would, please provide some sort of justification for doing so. I’d hate to flame anyone on my own blog for trying to do so without any sort of evidence at all. I’m willing to listen to any reasonable contrary opinion, as long as it is presented in the same framework I am offering with mine.

My own evidence lies partially in my own experience as a male growing up in this culture, and, 65 years of experiencing, observing, and studying (with books and social intercourse, i.e. discussion), the human species, and, its society,, throughout human history, with a focus on trying to understand the nature of the bloody beast. I may not be Aristotle, or Plato, but, I’ve sure as hell read more on the subject(s) than they ever had the chance to do, for sure and for certain….

Go ahead. I’ll wait…. While we are waiting, how about an old-school pearl, touching on some of what we’ve been discussing, sort of, in general, or, that vicinity…. You’ll see…. Some of it, if one observes closely, provides some of the evidence for my assertion, if in no other way than to point one’s study/focus/thoughts in a certain direction, in order to find the tangible proof….. Trust me not; follow them to their end, and it will be there for you to perceive, inside yourself, as verified by what you see in the world…. Or, ask/comment below, and we’ll try to come to a consensus both can accept…..


“MTV – Why Johnny can’t read, tie his shoes, speak, think.” — Truthful Bee

“A man would still do something out of sheer perversity – he would create destruction and chaos – just to gain his point…. and if all this could in turn be analyzed and prevented by predicting that it would occur, then man would deliberately go mad to prove his point.” — Feodor Dostoevsky, “Notes From the Underground”

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” — Voltaire

“There are more horses’ asses in this world than there are horses.” — Grandma Soderquist’s conclusion

“A committee is a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured and then quietly strangled.” — Sir Barnett Cocks

“Independent self-reliant people (would be) a counterproductive anachronism in the collective society of the future […] (where) people will be defined by their associations.” — John Dewey (1859-1953), educational philosopher, — proponent of modern public schools. 1896 — “The Tyranny of Government Schooling”, John Gatto, 1992

“Clinton wants us to sacrifice – We should start with the politicians. Which do you recommend – burning at the stake, an altar & knife job, or the tried-and-true ‘Feed the Volcano’ method?” — Don Meyer

“If the Catholic church couldn’t stop Galileo, then governments won’t be able to stop things now.” — Carlo de Benedetti of Olivetti on the folly of trying to regulate information technology

“Give a monkey a brain, and he’ll think he’s the center of the universe.” — Ouch! Bee

“A “pacifist male” is a contradiction in terms.” — Lazarus Long

“He who is bent on doing evil can never want occasion.” — Publius Syrus (42 BC) — Maxim 459



After the odyssey….

Portraits of iconic symbols, crashing, singing, forgotten;
evolving into mature innovation, as yet pale, and rotten.
Still water justly breeds, impenetrable primal verses resound;
unholy moments tarry, emotion swirls in passion unbound.

Spiritual ovulation precedes each pregnant pause;
gravid, time moves on, following destiny’s cause.
Cast adrift on waves of confusion, to a final, damp landing;
salvation beckons sweetly, fed well on understanding.

Dreams directly fall, in night’s grey bower, unbidden;
lingering flavors in simple taste, lovingly, cleverly hidden.
Childish laughter sounds, joyful, bright, and clear;
no need ever to hide, no more monsters to fear.

Temper most foul arrives under unregistered mail;
forgotten taunts live on, lashed by an ancient flail.
Plain dealing delivers such lasting specks of honest hate;
savage in retrospect, never hasty, always running late.

Forever, cries an ambient lover of the pending night;
his pale, weak issue forms its own failing light.
Still, fortune favors such as those who apprehend;
Sweet love of Gaia, let it never end.

~~ gigoid ~~



About Hopi Indian Symbols

Naked Pearls

Being Human


“The more clearly you understand yourself
and your emotions,
the more you become a lover
of what is.”

~~ Spinoza ~~


“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”

~~ Margaret Drabble ~~


If you can distinguish between good advice and bad advice,
then you don’t need advice.

~~ Van Roy’s Second Law~~


“In our haste to deal with the things that are wrong,
let us not upset the things that are right.”

~~ Unknown Bee ~~


“Man is great by thought.”

~~ Blaise Pascal ~~


There is always more than we see.

~~ Mindful Bee ~~


“He who possesses most must be most afraid of loss.”

~~ Leonardo Da Vinci~~


“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.
We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence,
but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.
 We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

~~ Aristotle ~~


“Man is free to think as his reason tells him.”

~~ Spinoza ~~


Not too bad, I think. With the help of the Tardis, it’s even done at a reasonable hour…. To echo the brevity seen in today’s intro, I’ll merely say this: Bye, ffolkes. See y’all mañana, if my luck holds…..

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
   and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch


À bientôt, mon cherí….


34 thoughts on “Three frozen minuets, if you please….

  1. Morning my friend…..I am here but my mind is on Alpha Seti 4……Once tried to contemplate the universe and then human nature…..and in the end I was angry and a headache…..I believe WC Fields once said about death…” all things considered I’d rather be in Philadelphia”…or something similar… coffee is not working properly….great tunes for the day…..peace out…..chuq

  2. i for one rest my case
    of humans on the
    backs of loving
    are more
    like Jesus
    than so called
    modern ‘Christians’
    or most any other
    religion will
    be.. did
    you know
    that even the
    Dali Lama..
    states there
    is no place
    for homosexuals
    in his ‘regime’.. sadly
    that takes him out of the
    ranks of Bonobo crown
    and jewel of
    wild and free..
    unlike the chimpanzee
    so often rated as the closet
    cousin of human that
    rapes and
    as a common
    of getting
    let’s just
    say Bonobos
    are more into
    oral sex than
    oh the irony
    in human language
    huh.. wInks.. yes God
    is a laugh.. a thrill and a
    smile.. but especially
    if one comes
    all wrapped
    up in Bonobo
    Anyway it’s true our
    closest cousin Bonobos
    regularly engage in all types
    of sexual orientations to regulate
    human aggression.. violence
    and in the tribe
    ways of
    three of
    species ONE..
    as humans could
    be today.. if they
    just strip off
    the cultural
    clothes and
    no longer lie
    to the Love that
    innately.. instinctually
    and intuitively lives inside
    when not oppressed.. repressed
    or subjugated for control
    through illusory
    fears of being
    in all ways
    of hate
    Mother Nature
    rules with Freedom of
    Human Expression.. the genie
    is out of the bottle and the
    genie is God live..
    free.. wild
    and real
    as God lives
    in us.. as Loving
    human beings
    real.. male
    and female..
    but yes..
    the fairer
    sex is all i need
    for Love.. even
    one wife is enough
    but hey.. i ain’t everyone
    else and never expect
    everyone to
    be like
    as diversity
    is the best biodiversity
    of God that exists as
    i do not have to imagine
    heaven.. as i found my
    roots in
    and yeah..
    man this Love
    as Heaven is REAL..
    i’m feeling
    light heARted today
    but my name is Fred
    and not
    oh by the
    way my Uncle
    and his son
    are both
    Ted and
    hey that
    rhymes with
    Ned too.. my
    other named
    friend gigoid..
    but Frederick
    and Theodore
    are the more
    with Love
    of Course
    wRite on Course..
    and dam almost every time
    i come here i read something
    slightly different that i’ve already
    said by someone especially famous..
    and sometimes anonymous..
    or even you..
    yes now..
    the Lovin’s
    in the sharing..
    and that is what
    humans do best
    when wild and free..
    the Loving Creatures
    still evolving to be now
    of course..
    wRite on
    aGain as
    Mother Nature’s
    Truth and LiGht
    ‘WiLL’ have iT NOW..:)

    • Fred/friend, & Katie..

      As usual from you, a crisp, yet elegantly wandering counterpoint to the song of today’s post…. Sadly, when we go, I’m afraid the Bonobos will be going down with us…

      I had not heard that re: the Dalai Lama, and, will hold it as unproven until I actually hear it from his mouth; it just doesn’t fit in with the rest of his professed beliefs… If it is true, even partially, I would ascribe it to an old saw that is quite true, to wit: You can take the boy out of Kansas, but you can’t take the Kansas out of the boy. (Use corn = Kansas; it’s been said both ways….)…. it may be a leftover from his early conditioning, which we all struggle to throw off at times…

      I’m working on your post today, but, running behind, as I had to go out to get supplies for Leelu…. gotta have that cat box filler. But, the trip to the pet outlet took four hours via bus…. lousy bus system here….

      Thanks for the comment, as always; I love your take on what you read here…

      See you later, mon frer

      gigoid = Ned

      • Smiles.. my friend
        yes.. you are correct
        about the Dali Lama
        according to the
        “Buddhist Book”
        it’s not okay by
        him.. according
        to quotes from
        but not unlike
        the Pope and
        my Catholic
        who does
        our mass..
        and acceptance
        of those differences
        is the state of both
        their humanities
        today.. now..
        hard to
        the dirty water
        of the past.. but
        i for one.. will neither
        throw out the Dali Lama
        the Pope.. or the local
        Monsignor.. babys
        as they
        are at least
        moving in the
        correct direction
        of smart and unconditional
        Nature’s way of Freedom and
        Love at least in most human cases..
        but of course there is room now for
        as no one
        is perfect
        not even
        as perfect
        would be the
        same and truly hell
        now.. always the same..
        Perfection is a human
        construct of hell
        but far
        as far
        as i for one
        see and feel it..
        it is tapestry of art..
        and in free hand.. now
        art is
        God or ours
        as sAMe..:)

        • I prefer to use other sites than Wiki, as those entries can be altered by anyone… To check this, I’d send an email to him; he’s got to have one somewhere… Or, a letter… He is an influential person, and has enemies in high places who would think nothing of making such changes to damage his reputation…. So, I’ll hear it from him, if possible… and, as you note, he may have felt that way once (didn’t we all, before we knew the truth?), but, probably has evolved past such nonsense…

          I’ll do some digging myself on it, see what I can find… That one bothers me; I respect him a lot, for he never implies any divinity on his or the Buddha’s part, nor does he generally judge others in any way other than gently….

          You’re also right about some of the church figures; there ARE good people everywhere… It’s just that the assholes have had their way so long, very few can throw off their conditioning….

          Seven BILLION souls here, and probably 85-90% of them are mindless puppets… I’m not sure at this point reason can prevail against such massive quantities of ignorance.

          The Universe will be fine, as a friend I talked with a bit ago reminded me; it’s just we won’t be here to see it….

          Ah well… such is existence in a universe of a duality of nature…. Dark and light need each other to exist at all, and we have never learned to accept our tiny little piece of eternity…

          If I can know those I love are happy, ’tis enough for me…. I’m not eager for it, but, I’m ready for a different adventure… It’s always a good day to die, if one is in balance….

          No hurry, though…



          • Smiles.. truly it is hard to escape politics as it is part of tribal instinct.. Sports work better as usually the game ends without death.. Soccer seems to work for that.. More balls of soccer and less guns that fear and hate.. Freedom of expression is the only key i know and feel both dArk to LiGht..:)

  3. Oi gigs….
    Great…ya nailed it…

    ‘O, fellow, come, the song we had last night.
    Mark it, Cesario, it is old and plain;
    The spinsters and the knitters in the sun
    And the free maids that weave their thread with bones
    Do use to chant it: it is silly sooth,
    And dallies with the innocence of love,
    Like the old age.’
    Duke Orsino ordering Feste to sing. (Twelfth Night)
    Just for you….grin

    • Thanks; this one took a lot out of me. I didn’t even have to open a vein; just sat down & started ranting… Fun, in a way…. but, exhausting.

      Shakespeare, though over-rated, IMHO, wrote a LOT of great stuff, & that’s one of them… thanks, it hits another nail squarely….


    • Re: the photo… It is a good one, isn’t it? I was going to attribute it to the one who took it, but, wasn’t sure it that was TMI for this venue…. Since it was in my camera, I just claimed it….


      Bonobos are cool, but, yeah, flowers are more personal….


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