My life… and it’s verge of existence


Yet another incredible piece of journalism/literature/introspection from Nadia Harash, a truly human woman, of honor, virtue, and compassionate love of humanity, and life….

Please read this, and share it; her words need to be heard by all…


نادية حرحش

Life throws us into its broad horizons. Sometimes we realize it. Sometimes we ask for it. Sometimes we don’t’ even know…

And quite often, it takes us by surprise.

I don’t know what is taking place yet … but something is happening. Something about my whole entire being. Something related to my unanswered questions and desires that I still don’t comprehend and properly grasp, and maybe realize.

I feel carried away. Like throwing yourself in a dance and you have to trust the beats and your counterpart and let go.

Letting go, is what terrifies me maybe…

Each time I try to find a beat to my life that I want to accommodate with, something else comes up. Turning everything upside down.

My life was manifested with a certain under control harmony when I decided to turn it all upside down and leave marriage. It was a harmony in an…

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