Popcorn delivery on Tuesday only….


“One touch of nature…makes all the world kin.”

~~ John Muir, American Naturalist ~~

Ireland 076

Symmetry on the Galway Estuary

Hajime…. For reasons which shall remain mysterious, today’s intro will set a new record for brevity. To do so, I’ll need to dump y’all off at the oyster beds rather abruptly; it can’t be helped. To keep to the plan, this is all you get…. I know, a pain, but, needs must, Mr. Windigate, so, we’re outta here….

Shall we Pearl?….

“If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.”

~~ Marcus Aurelius ~~



Star Trek: Renegades

Image from startreknews.net via Google Images

When the internet became ubiquitous, an internet version of Star Trek began to show up online, in movies an episodes made by various fans. This movie is one of those released last year some time, and lives up to all its history…. Enjoy!…. Oh, and, there are more on the You Tube page where this resides….


Star Trek: Renegades





The Anti-trafficking Movement Needs Survivor Voices:  Why Are We Ignored?

    I got nothin’ today…. Here is a discussion of politics from 2013, with a short rant from 2012….. It’s all still valid information, only, now, it’s worse by a factor of about 4…..

From 4/18/2013:

To attempt to soothe the ruffled feathers of my friend who wants me to rant, I give you now a rant from 2012, post-election category…. It kind of fits in with the morality play above…. sort of, maybe…. any who, enjoy…..

“Integrity is when what you say, what you do, what you think, and who you ARE all come from the same place.” — Madelyn Griffith-Haynie

Okay, I know we are all probably sick to death of politics, and the election, and everyone would like to have a break from talking and thinking about it….. I know I am. So, I’ll try to make this fairly short, and make it the last political diatribe for at least a day or two. It may be possible, if nothing in the news jumps up to stimulate my outrage (which may be on a short vacation itself….. I hope. I could do with the emotional space….).

Any who…. here is what I was thinking when I came across this little gem…. What if we devised a test, that in some way would enable us, as voters, to determine the relative status of each of the candidates according to this rule? A way, as it were, to measure their degree of integrity, which is something I think we can all agree would be a good thing to see in a politician, unlikely as it may be. If we could, say, set up a scale of integrity, and make it law that a person had to score in the top 5% of the scale in order to merely be eligible for office, I think we might see a whole new set of politicians, who had never before been seen in public.

In fact, in thinking about the current crop of those in office, it is entirely possible that ALL of those in office now might not be eligible…. I am not excluding the President, out of fairness, though I personally believe he might score in the top 10%…. I still have questions about some of the stuff he has signed that didn’t seem to be very well publicized, as they didn’t exactly fit with his image….. The newest version of the Patriot Act, the NDAA, that he signed last New Year’s Day comes immediately to mind….

I don’t care if he did try to mitigate some of the deleterious effects of the law, he still signed the damn thing, thereby seriously endangering a number of the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. Plus, the method he used to keep it from the public awareness was rather suspect, in my mind, and reminiscent of the old days under Nixon, Johnson, Reagan, and the two Shrubs, may they all rot in whatever level of  Hell they are destined to occupy….. (I know, I know…. not being a Christian, that curse has little weight, but, hey, it’s a pretty clear indicator of my opinion of all of them….)

As I suspect it might, this grew to be somewhat more than I intended it to be, so I’ll cut it short here. But, my suggestion above, about the test for integrity that should be a given for political aspirants, is completely serious, and I wanted to get that out. Maybe by the next election, we can get the rest of the country to buy into it…. which should be interesting, and fun. I’ll be looking forward to the expressions on the faces of all the supporters of those now in office, when their people gloriously fail to pass the test…. and to the results it will have on society, should it ever be adopted…. I don’t see any way at all that it could do anything that wouldn’t improve the situation…..

And so I penned
It down, until at last it came to be,
For length and breadth, the bigness which you see.

~~ John Bunyan — Pilgrim’s Progress, Apology for his Book ~~



Notes of process and program…

Poems, alas, don’t chase through my head,
bumping and pushing each other like brothers at dinner.
They’re more ripped out of my innards, instead.
Time and circumstance reveal no ultimate winner.

Simmering and bubbling near my unconscious mind
these maddening rhymes blind me sans glimmer.
Building until bursting as if to be dined and wined,
the remaining denizens appear much slimmer.

Fiery visions retain such glorious fatal dimension,
in retrospect, yet fail to leave a permanent scar,
until blessed, or cursed, with focused attention,
singing, crying, bleeding, fast as a movie star.

Pretty soon can’t be soon enough, she said
to a chameleon colored thief bathed in moonlight.
Fancy candles in stripes of blue, gold, and red
foster honest dreams in shades of white.

Passage to daylight is problematic, at best:
beastly ghosts of insomniacs cast no shadow.
Even judges with robes can pass the wrong test
while the rest of us go with what we know.

~~ gigoid ~~




Naked Pearls

Human Philosophy


“I think I am! I think I am!”

~~ the little engine that philosophized ~~


“The unexamined life is not worth living to a human.”

~~ Attributed by Plato to Socrates, Apology ~~


“Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing.”

~~ Walt Kelly, Putluck Pogo ~~


“Als das Kind noch Kind war,
gab es diese Fragen:
Warum bin ich mich, und warum nicht dich?
Warum bin ich hier, und warum nicht dort?”

(“When the child was a child,
there were these questions:
Why am I me, and why not you?
Why am I here, and why not there?”)

~~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~~


“It takes a long time to bring excellence to maturity.”

~~ Publius Syrus (42 BC) — Maxim 780 ~~


“Except for our thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power.”

~~ Descartes ~~


“Self-trust is the essence of heroism…
It speaks the truth, and it is just,
generous, hospitable, temperate,
scornful of petty calculations,
and scornful of being scorned.
It persists; it is of an undaunted boldness,
and of a fortitude not to be wearied out.”

    ~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, _Essays_ ~~


“It takes a very long time to become young.”

~~ Pablo Picasso ~~


“It is the heart afraid of breaking
that never learns to dance.
It is the dream afraid of waking
that never takes a chance.
It is the one who won’t be taken
who cannot seem to give.
And the soul afraid of dying
that never learns to live.”

~~ Bette Midler, The Rose ~~


Well, there you have it; yet another mess from gigoid’s fertile mind. I make no apologies, nor have I any regrets, other than to find it done before actually being fully awake. We’ll see how it flies before making any judgments. Meantime, I’ve got stuff, so, I will see y’all tomorrow, should the wherewithal to do so find its way into my presence…. Odds are good, once again….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
   and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch


À bientôt, mon cherí….


7 thoughts on “Popcorn delivery on Tuesday only….

  1. Where be Leelu? On days that I am full of myself I write and write and save them as drafts…that way when I have one of those days I have something to fall back on…..some days we deserve a break from the morons and their little pathetic problems……chuq

    • She’s sleepin’ in front of the heater…. I know what you mean re: a break. I’ve been rant free for about a week…. Just a phase, I guess…. Today I get to go let some of it out on our energy giant here in Cali… they’ve been fucking with me, & I’m gonna give some of it back….

      Fun for me….

      Have a day, mon ami….


  2. SMiLes my FriEnd..
    yes.. in the end
    now and the
    now.. iT
    aLL comes
    down now to
    the Politics
    of SEX..
    Oh.. the balance.. oh
    the culture.. oh the
    FiN Insanity of
    an originAlly
    scores of thousands
    of years.. foRager then
    human being.. wHere
    Sharing was the law
    and selfishly
    was forbidden..
    and The Semen
    of Life was sacred and
    sharing sex was the
    way to human
    peace no less
    than Bonobos
    do today..
    and nah..
    not just my
    roving opinion..
    A Science studied
    phenomenon in a
    ground breaking
    book study
    AT Dawn’
    free reading
    for me at
    the B and A
    Bookstore now
    yesterday.. only confirming
    what i for one know and feel
    as truth and liGht now.. both from
    studying the Nature of Humans
    and Bonobos in the wiLd..
    now our closest primate
    cousins.. and only one
    who shares
    the missionary
    position of sex..
    oral sex..
    French Bonobo
    tongue kissing as well..
    and same sex female
    genital rubbing and
    males swording
    their public parts..
    and while some folks may
    be saying disgusting.. bull
    shit.. the only reason animals
    lick the parts of others like
    these bonobos..
    is to feel the
    other animals
    through mirror
    neurons.. oxytocin
    receptors.. and in general
    the emotional contagion
    of human
    all imPaSsIONed..
    for the hunting.. gatheRinG
    and shaRinG of Life.. reducing
    all agression.. violence.. warring..
    while the ignorant psychopathic
    leaning folks in Iran.. cover up
    adulteresses to their head
    for maximum
    and misery
    for torture
    in stoning
    to death..
    these really smart
    humans didn’t just
    have single or only
    double parent families..
    they had up to double
    digit and more fathers
    where the Semen and
    educational nourishment
    of more than one father in
    the ways of the forage of life..
    was seen as a positive way of
    sharing the Holy Semen as a
    sacred sacrament of Life.. instead
    of nasty disgusting.. humans now.. who use
    it as a violent tool of defacement of women..
    to share the dark.. of owning women and collecting
    them as no more than cars with moving parts
    to keep in garages..
    or all covered
    up in clothes..
    But of course the real
    insanity is huge populations
    of humans in desolate areas
    of the earth with few
    natural resources
    and harsh
    not really
    human survival..
    where tools.. become the
    functional disability of life..
    making humans softer..
    a Life
    of Moby
    tHeir fate..
    and to add greater
    misery and suffering to
    the torture.. they are spoon
    fed shovels of mental stress..
    in sitting still positions.. enduring
    the tension and somatic pains
    of degenerative
    a slow
    burn of
    early death
    is the final
    Anyway.. as i said
    before.. there are no easy
    answers.. and again as stated
    over and over iN ‘this’ blog.. social
    acceptance iS a vital instinct for
    human survival in tribal
    ways.. and
    whatever insanity
    to accommodate a
    land of few resources
    and harsh environmental
    conditions.. is the spoon-fed
    rule of life in cultures.. or religions
    or whatever metal chalice that
    holds the rules
    of humans
    for enough
    in order
    to at least
    survive long enough
    to reproduce folks
    into the same
    of human
    life again..
    if i was born in another
    country.. or not retired now
    from disability and challenge
    meeting that challenge and doing
    all of this now.. my boat could still
    be pain and suffering..
    but i found a
    river out
    of the
    and am
    still traveling
    in heaven
    now.. NOW..
    but yeah.. still
    writing way too
    much.. and sitting
    still way too much..
    and that is my problem
    too.. a self-fulfilling sacrifice
    as well.. in attempting to do
    everything i can to help
    other folks
    out of
    and religious
    hells.. so sure
    a price for Love..
    a price of cou
    a price
    for free
    D O M
    and the
    iS BALANCE..
    SO.. now.. sand dance
    with clouds and Sun iN Nature
    for me.. to connect back out of
    faux life to real life in
    and blood

    And yes PS.. then and now..
    the Beatles ARE prophets
    of the God of Nature..
    Love Not
    War.. Peace
    Baby and no
    need to imagine
    Heaven when it is
    NOW.. just now..
    in a warm
    all naked
    dancing around
    a moonlit campfire
    of niGht.. with other Human
    Beings with the SPark of God
    living from head to toe.. and
    yes.. like.. LIKE one should much
    more now.. for peace and
    bliss from tip
    of Penis
    to the
    Floor of Vagina..
    truly.. ULtiMateLy..
    The truth and liGht
    Feels Good.. God lives
    in US.. and PleaSure
    iS God’s
    Way of Reward
    and Balance..
    and that’s
    how we
    God a
    Good time
    with ways of action
    and consequence also
    known as just doing
    Good Karma
    Karma equals
    Pleasure after
    struggle.. to show
    God a bad time..
    is the
    way to
    hell now..
    there is NO
    SinG a
    Joyful SonG
    of God in Blood
    Sweat and Tears
    in Smiles and Laughs
    or go to
    the other
    from liGht
    iN the
    of eternal
    hell now..
    in REAL
    LIFE NOW..
    and people do have
    A GREAT DEAL! of relative
    free WiLL to get TO
    the liGht
    little help
    as alWays..
    now from

    • Two thoughts come to mind… One is a quote, by someone whom I currently can’t think of, that goes, “The books that seem to most influence me are those I am currently reading.”…. I think it was GK Chesterton, or a contemporary…. maybe Shaw. Anywho, it shows as true today in your dance across the keyboard….

      Second is, I sit too much too…. but, then, don’t we all in this world?….

      Working on the last, will get to your latest…. Never thought I’d meet someone with whom I couldn’t keep up on reading…. but, I can never resist a challenge…..


      See ya, brother



      • SMiLes.. my friend..
        Challenge and Change
        iS both the dArk
        and spice of
        life.. as
        well as
        and yes..
        a little/lot of both
        for me.. currently
        too.. my friend
        Gigoid.. but
        as WeLLiT..:)

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