Billy’s just here to pick up the meatloaf, mister….

Having lost the battle for sleep last night, by a wide margin, today’s post will, naturally, be a re-blog. Go figure. I will, as usual, be back tomorrow…. with or without sleep. So be it. Y’all have a good one, and enjoy today’s archived mess…. It’s a good one….



Yesterday, my blog on WordPress reached a milestone….. I’m informed by the statistical ‘bots that I now have 101 followers of my blog!  This is a gratifying moment for me, and a most welcome encouragement that I’m doing something right, at least. I have, mostly, done very little to promote the blog, beyond posting it to Twitter and Facebook.  My only other activity that might fit that category is that I also follow well over a hundred blogs, of which I read every one I get a notice for, (I am a very fast reader) and I’m pretty active in the comments section.

So, what this tells me is that my followers are all here as a result of either serendipity (they clicked on random suggested blog with a tag they like), or because of word-of-mouth, i.e., someone recommended it to them. This is the most gratifying part for…

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12 thoughts on “Billy’s just here to pick up the meatloaf, mister….

  1. Morning my friend….speaking of meatloaf that is what I had for breakfast….meatloaf sandwich with mayo and onion…of course the usual tankard of caffeine…life can be such a bitch, huh? Sleep is overrated….sometimes…LOL chuq

    • Mmm…. I think I’d kill for a good meatloaf sandwich right now. I guess I’ll have to break down & make one myself… Mayo, onion, & a bit of cheese for me… maybe one slice of a nice beefsteak tomato, too… Yum…

      Sleep? What’s that? Hmph….

      LOL! Old can suck sometimes….

      Have a good ‘un, mate….


      • My ‘loaf has cheese already in the mix….but some tomato is a good idea…..I would kill for more than 2 hrs of sleep a night…..but I can thank pain as a prime motivator for my writing….have a good day and try for some rest if you can. chuq

        • Thanks, bro… I think I’m gonna go play some guitar to recharge…. found a spot to play away from home that’s warm & dry, without having to go sit outside somewhere. Leelu gets a little hyper when I play, so, I can’t do it much at home; she goes bat-shit from the noise… I guess, if one can hear ants walking across the carpet, and spiders running across a wall, a guitar is a bit much…


          Who needs rest?…. I’ll get plenty of rest when I’m dead… lol!


          • LOL… Aye, there’s always at least one…. but, in her case, I can dig it. Her hearing is super sensitive. I can’t open a bottle of anything without an audience… & she’ll come out of a dead sleep at the sound of paper crumpling…

            SIGH…. It’s like getting married all over again…

            But, just as worth it, I suppose….



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