A stranger sits down, gingerly….


“All the knowledge in the world is found within you.”

~~ Anthony J. D’Angelo, The College Blue Book ~~

old swan street view

The Old Swan

206 Kensington Church Street, Notting Hill, London

Hajime…. Last evening, on the advice of a friend, I went out to a bar, to get some socialization under my belt. Naturally, I overdid it, being somewhat out of practice. Had a good time, but, am now paying the price for my foolishness, in the form of a mild hangover, not debilitating to any huge degree, but, definitely an annoyance. SIGH…. Even us smart guys can make poor decisions, I guess; all part of being a Bozo on the Bus….

That being said, what it means is y’all get a break from having to listen to my ranting, or any of my other literary trickery. What I have done is what you’ll get. It’s not too skimpy, but, no rant, and nothing fresh other than the old-school pearls you’ll find. The music is again from our friend Eric C. with what I hope is a tribute to Freddie King, with some really, really hot blues licks. But, since I did that part while severely handicapped by whiskey, I am unsure if I got that part right. So be it…. I checked; it’s a compilation of live cuts, starting with a really hot version of Ramblin’ On My Mind…. That will do nicely.

That’s it, ffolkes. That’s all the fresh in me. Let’s get this done, so I can try again tomorrow to get it done the way I prefer it. For now, we’ll just g on, in our new, efficient way…. prompted by less than sterling competence.

Shall we Pearl?….

“Everyone must row with the oars he has.”

~~ English proverb ~~



As noted above, whatever you see is what you get….. Enjoy!….


Eric Clapton
Ramblin’ On My Mind






Dont keep calm

“To generalize is to be an idiot.”

~~ William H. Blake (1757-1827) ~~

I’d intended to use the above to create a discussion, but, in stead, what you get is the five-star pearls you see, which you may use to direct your own, self-propelled rant, in your own mind…. Have fun!….

“Society attacks early, when the individual is helpless.” — B.F. Skinner

“How can you control yourself, master your behavior, when you come from a country where people howl at funerals?” — E.M. Cioran

“The real work of men was hunting meat. The invention of agriculture was a giant step in the wrong direction, leading to serfdom, cities, and empire. From a race of hunters, artists, warriors, and tamers of horses, we degraded ourselves to what we are now: clerks, functionaries, laborers, entertainers, processors of information.” — Edward Abbey

“I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires” – — Susan B Anthony.

“It was enough to make a body ashamed of the human race.” — Mark Twain, spoken by Huck Finn, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn



Justifiable Insanity

An incredibly insane, vivid abhorrence fills me up today,
because of a thought which occurred to me.
I was merely thinking about what all the headlines have to say,
when I was pushed onto a train of thought, you see.

I began to ride the train, resigned to wherever I went, as it willed.
I was directed by imagination, to consider for a moment or two,
to seek how many reasons a Man has given for when he killed,
count them, count them, curiosity demanded, or, suffer, you…..

So, I tried to count the words I’d seen, or read, or heard,
in the reports we see all over the news and TV’s.
I had to grab a dictionary, to check off each word,
my memory is good, but, not for such numbers as these.

It seemed so simple, when I began my chosen task,
how many could there possibly be?
I probably should have known better than to ask,
for every page had an example; look for yourself, and see.

How many did I come up with, many might ask?
Too many to count, as it turns out,
at least, for anyone of flesh and bone to complete the task.
Even a computer would simply freak out.

If you think I’m being funny, well, you are dead wrong.
Just like all the people who die each day, for ideas, principles, or religion,
or any of the tens of thousands dying each hour, because of delusion so strong,
Mankind’s entire history consists of little more than perverted contagion.

~~ gigoid ~~




Naked Pearls

Stuff worth knowing….


“Although a cloth be washed a hundred times,
How can it be rendered clean and pure
If it be washed in water which is dirty?”

~~ Nagarjuna ~~


“What is reason?
Knowledge informed by sympathy, intelligence in the arms of love.”

~~ Edward Abbey ~~


“Whose undertakings are all devoid of desires and purpose,
and whose actions have been burnt by fire-of-knowledge,
him the wise call a sage.”

~~ Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4, Verse 19. ~~


“Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.”

~~ Juvenal, Satires ~~


“Life is not separate from death. It only looks that way.”

~~ Native American Proverb (Blackfoot) ~~


“And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

~~ The Beatles, The last lyric of their last song ~~


There you have it; that’s the best I’ve got. I hope you enjoyed it; if not, well, you can get a refund of all you paid, except for the time it took to read. Of course, there’s a lot of paperwork for that, so, you might want to think about it. In the meantime, I’m outta here, until tomorrow. That’s a for sure. and for certain…. See ya….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch

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À bientôt, mon cherí….


9 thoughts on “A stranger sits down, gingerly….

  1. William Blake is brilliant…..or should I say was? Good for you…me…I hate most people so I avoid them in a social environment….someone always says something stupid and I go off and usually am asked to vacate to avoid a more complex confrontation…..hope you get a better head later….chuq

  2. HiYa…..
    I am paying the price of walking too far the other day….so the price is not in my head but in my legs…
    That bloody disc is impinging on the nerves in my legs….never mind it will pass….
    good post…
    Cya,gigoid the dubious…

  3. “Although a cloth be washed a hundred times,
    How can it be rendered clean and pure
    If it be washed in water which is dirty?”

    ~~ Nagarjuna ~~

    Ah.. to make the sweaty dirty
    cloth a sacred tool to fly with
    Gravity is more than can be
    for the
    hate of stInk..
    And i’Ve made an
    art out of a work-out towel
    as presented for free in the
    privilege i continue to use
    as a retired DoD worker
    at my Military
    and what i dance do
    now is float that towel
    above.. so below..
    in and out and
    all around..
    and when that
    towel no longer sinks
    held by hands of butterfly
    Dance.. there is only air of i
    and air the sAMe.. little FeeLinG
    NOW oF gravity.. i butterfly float with the
    energy then now to sting if need be so be it..
    in FloW iN ZonE iN CHI aka Holy SpiRit aLiVe
    so far.. so far away from the rain and clouds that
    hOld hUmans back from simply achieving what the
    Army says iS BE ALL YOU CAN BE NOW.. and i added
    in the iS NoW for good meaSuRe oF GravViTy FloWinG inStead
    of Gravity SunK iN heavy bOnes.. of FlesH and Blood home..
    anyway.. i’M trying to work
    out early and am having
    a little delay in leaving
    words.. so i unashamedly
    as alWays use the iNSpirinG ways
    of others as a Band-Aid for what
    never ails
    me iN
    noW alone..
    allone the Towel
    flys from hand to hand
    in foot of BaLanCing Feat
    the cloth is no longer lone.. iT
    iS AiR
    aNd Water
    FloWinG iN ZonE
    FReED oh.. So..

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