Creating a plausible bargaining chip….

Currently, the reality around here is filled with bad/evils, not to mention a lack of balance so keenly desired. Here is a Pearl from a day somewhat less stressful, with some fun to relate. If naught else, it gets me to tomorrow, when a fresh Pearl will show its face, for sure. Hope springs eternal, yes? Y’all take care, & we’ll see you on the flip side….

Enjoy the Wise Old Cone…




I’m fully cognizant of the advantages of staying busy, and it’s true that life tastes better in big bites (thanks, Lazarus…). Both of these contentions are proven, with numerous incidents available as evidence of their veracity…. What isn’t so obvious is the reason I’m writing this paragraph, since the point I intended to make just flew out the window, honking querulously at me as it flew away…. I can’t say I’m terribly disappointed, aside from the damage it has done to this intro already, before I even get a decent start…. In fact, I’m going to try again…

Well, I’d try again, but, it seems that isn’t going to work either….  Every time I turn around, in my head, to find a new starting point, these little glitches keep popping up…. such as this time, when I reached for the keyboard to begin, only to be struck with a…

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4 thoughts on “Creating a plausible bargaining chip….

  1. If You Can’t Dazzle Them With Brilliance, Baffle Them With Bull.
    WC Fields
    was my reply to you….check it out..on chuq’s blog..
    one other to check out as well…the mad maiden!
    oops,better watch my back…

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