Not only the penitent are forgiven….


I have a toothache; it’s a doozy, too, since I managed to smack it last night, inadvertently. I have an appointment to get it dealt with, but, won’t be writing much today, & possibly tomorrow. Fortunately, for me, I’ve got DEEP archives…. Here’s one that starts off quite well, with some rather poignant nonsense that made me proud…. Enjoy, & I’ll see y’all in a day or two….

Be well, & happy as you may… and, be alert. We all need to be alert these days….



Pinched, grim faces peer through the windows as I wash the dirty feet of the Tupperware solicitors. Leering, jeering, they make their obscene gestures in vain, rather pathetically cheering each other’s futility. Parcels of latent importance linger on the threshold, waiting for delivery, independent and proud of their clean lines and ruler-straight packing tape. In the midst of all the chaotic motion, a small, silver dreidle spins hypnotically, focused and free of the detritus so common to such games as played today. Not for nothing did they salvage their given names, to show to the inspectors, in direct opposition to the rising sun, hopeful of another hour, another day to find Reality…..

Which, apparently, has retreated to the background, not wanting any part of the previous paragraph, a sentiment I can completely understand. That there paragraph is even weirder than usual, even for this space. But, I kind of…

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7 thoughts on “Not only the penitent are forgiven….

  1. Teeth are indeed special… is well to look after them….grin
    It will pass….good luck at the dentist….

    • Aye; ’tis truth. *sad smile* Some things are learned later, I suppose; than for others; perhaps ’twill be a stronger lesson for it.

      Thanks… should be piece o’cake… (he said, dubiously, with fingers crossed for luck, too…Never can tell what will help, so, cover all the bases…) (Is that enough euphemisms/platitudes in one sentence for the record? Just wondering…)


  2. Face pain in all shapes and sizes
    ugh.. and intensities.. i can relate..
    hope it ends soon..
    and thank
    tHeRe IS
    and i have to
    go get my fangs
    cleaned on Thursday..
    just a got a friendly
    Dental Hygienist
    now off
    to your archived
    post without pain..;)

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