‘Tis easier to blame the indigenous population….

Though the pain of my bad tooth has gone, with the tooth, I didn’t get any work done…. Go figure, right? But, I did manage to find a decent pearl from 2014 for your reading pleasure this morning…. Of course, that’s making all kinds of assumptions, but, as a human, I am entitled to do so; it says so right here on my contract…. What? You didn’t get a contract? Hmph…. Okay, so, it’s another lie; sue me. Or, alternately, read this, & I’ll see y’all tomorrow, for sure….

Y’all be cool; it’s still pretty strange out there….

gigoid, the dubious



“He who dies for virtue, does not perish.”

~~  Plautus ~~

(B.C. 254-184)

A fire approaches the shore of Bass Lake in California

    There is a fascinating sort of beauty to fires such as this; I’ve been to Bass Lake, where this was taken, perhaps even stood where the photographer stood to take this shot. It does look like a very familiar outline, one my mind remembers well, if only for its similarity to so many other places I’ve been in the mountains of California. The picture itself is one I saw all over the Net, released during the recent spate of wildfires in California this past summer, and, though beautiful, is also very saddening…..

But, we aren’t going to let that sadness keep us from our appointed rounds today; I’ve missed too many days already (one is too many in my book….), so, I don’t intend to miss any more…. Even if I must cheat to get…

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11 thoughts on “‘Tis easier to blame the indigenous population….

  1. “Elegance is inferior to virtue.” Shelley “Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.” (not sure) “True virtue is life under the direction of reason.” Spinoza. Okay that is my wealth of virtue quotes for the day…..hope you are doing better today…see you later my friend….chuq

  2. I’m not lazy, I’m on power saving mode.
    Just for you the oh, so, dubious!
    Is the dentist still your friend?

    • Actually, she is more than my friend… She’s the first dentist I’ve ever trusted very much… but, she’s very good at fixing my painful mouth, so, that may contribute to my feelings… *grin*

      I’m about done being lazy… for a while.




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