Pain is a four-letter word….


“It is not worth an intelligent man’s time to be in the majority.
By definition, there are already enough people to do that.”

~~ G. H. Hardy ~~

greenock kirk

Random Kirk ~~ Greenock, Scotland

Hajime…. Evolution is an implacable process, regardless of what point on the scale at which one resides. Those who have the most experience in observing the process, as we all must, from the inside, have no distinct advantage over those brand new to its principles of reality based requirements, otherwise known as parameters. In short, age is no defense against the universe; the laws which regulate its operation are equally applicable to the young, the old, and the foolish. Go figure, eh?

During this most recent vacation from blogging, I’ve been forced to read more, stand more, and write less, as the time needed to transfer my thoughts onscreen has been too much to tolerate. This morning seems to have brought me a bit of space, hence this intro section, composed while I am able….

This inability to spend any consistent time at writing continues; what you see above is from two days ago. As is patently clear by now, it’s making it hard to keep the material from looking and feeling weird to me, chopped up & rustic, rather than smooth and elegant. Of course, elegance is a goal for which I often shoot, but, seldom hit; it sounds good though, doesn’t it?

The above, in retrospect, teaches me this; things will have to change, if I intend to continue blogging. How those changes look has yet to be discovered. For now, we’ll go with what I’ve managed to put together, and, hope for the best…. Without further discussion, we’ll go do that now….

Shall we pearl?….

“I leapt headlong into the sea,
and thereby have become better acquainted
with the soundings, the quicksands, and the rocks,
than if I had stayed upon the green shore,
and piped a silly song, and took tea and comfortable advice.”

~~ John Keats ~~



Having listened to this concerto many times, I can attest it is perfectly suited for reading with blogs…. So, enjoy!…..


W.A. Mozart
Concerto for Flute & Harp




Sandclock .jpg

“All warfare is based on deception.”

~~ Sun Tzu (ca. 500 BC) ~~

For more than three weeks now, I’ve been unable to sit long enough to write. Moreover, it isn’t looking as if that is ever going to change; if it does, it won’t be soon. This acknowledgment of reality is hard for me, but, inescapable. Not being able to vent is, without doubt, a serious conundrum, about which I haven’t a clue as how to fix; the building pressure is becoming dangerous, & not just to me. Critical mass is approaching, and nobody likes nuclear explosions….

The quote you see above from The Art of War is, in many ways, always a good place to begin a rant, yet, I am unable to take advantage long enough to put anything together, thanks to the onset of excruciating pain after about three minutes of sitting, requiring me to get up, & move about until it passes, or, worse, to lie down until the pain is manageable. It’s making a serious dent in my serenity, to be sure. It is also making it necessary to once again transform Pearls of Virtual Wisdom into a new, or, rather, old configuration….

“He knew that insofar as one denies what is, one is possessed by what is not, the compulsions, the fantasies, the terrors that flock to fill the void.” — Ursula K. LeGuin, “The Lathe of Heaven”

I cannot deny the pain; I must adjust. So, long story short, from this day forward, until further notice, the Pearls you see will resemble the first one published here; an introductory statement or two, followed by the day’s selection of pearls for your edification and glad consumption. Until my condition allows me to sit long enough to actually compose, that’s about all I can promise to get done. It’s not up to the standards I’ve since adopted, but, those standards no longer apply.

Otherwise, I would have to stop writing completely; I’m not ready to give that up, nor am I willing to give up the people I’ve met here, who have become like family…. So, I’ll be around, if less often, and less copiously…. All you can do is all you can do, as we know….

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s introspective, and hope y’all will continue to drop in now & again to say howdy, or just enjoy the pearls. For the nonce, that will have to do, for all of us….

gigoid has spoken….. So be it….



A Seasonal Approach

Absolute stillness grips a frozen field,
anticipating dawn with such patient yield
morning burgeoning in dark winter’s hold
brings promise of tales yet to be told.

Lengthening days of pale sun unto night
slowly tell of time’s subversive flight
bringing such original songs of natural fire
with melodies complex in casual attire.

The months are certain they will always win
it is just the way it has always been.
None may argue, nor yet slow life down
Nor dim the eternal beauty of nature’s gown.

Winter evolves from fall into spring,
sending flocks and hearts ever awing.
Summer follows suit, t’other way ’round
Spring into fall, often without a sound.

Life is meant to be lived, beginning to end
choices abound, and change can be a friend.
Yielding with grace to reality’s compelling ploy
fills our plain existence with clean, honest joy.

~~ gigoid ~~




Naked Pearls

Notes on Life at Large


“Our care should not be to have lived long as to have lived enough.”

~~ Seneca ~~


“It is impossible for a man to be cheated by anyone but himself.”

~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~


“It is ridiculous to lay the blame of our wrong actions upon external causes,
rather than on the facility with which we ourselves are caught by such causes.”

~~ Aristotle ~~


“Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Beauty.”

~~ Ancient Hippie proverb ~~


“Really to see the sun rise or go down every day…would preserve us sane forever.”

~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~


“Good enough is never good enough.”

~~ AB Guthrie ~~


“Kindness is more important than wisdom,
and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.”

~~ Theodore Isaac Rubin ~~


Well, it took two weeks to put this together, but, it’s done. Hopefully, with the changes in format I’m planning, more Pearls will be forthcoming. Our elegant invention, Time, will tell, I’m sure. Since I’m nearing my three-minute limit, I’m going to end this & go post, before I am unable to do so, again. I WILL be back; that’s a promise, which is never made lightly. Hopefully, I’ll also be able to go surfing soon, to make up for all the time I’ve lost visiting my friends’ blogs…. For now, we’ll take our leave, with our usual caveat, to wit: even reality has to take a breath now and then. Whatever that means…. See ya, ffolkes….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch


À bientôt, mon cherí….


9 thoughts on “Pain is a four-letter word….

  1. Glad to see you back my friend…..adjustment is difficult sometimes…I can attest to that…..I am into Electric Prunes today….”too much to dream”, “mass in f minor”….having an acid-like day…LOL

    Hope your pain gets better and hope to see you as often as it allows you to appear…..peace my friend….chuq

  2. Nice to see you back friEnd
    gigoid.. and true.. Pain
    but as long
    as one adapts
    life goeS oN.. in some
    semblance of essence of all that is..
    hmm.. i aM lagging a little behind here
    myself.. and perhaps i’ll take a 42 month
    break after writing 3.3 million words or so..
    I FEEL NOT..
    as pain killed
    all bEfoRE and
    sure pain and functional
    disability can come in any
    pARt of liFe so hUman poTenTial
    Squandered is life squandered
    away in
    aT lEAst
    the way
    i Look at liFe
    as a grey poupon
    liver of greaTest pain
    and pleasure too.. on the
    sunny side of that egg of being
    for now.. what else.. yes.. your
    pearls of wisdoms to choose
    from of course..
    liked the
    beginning one..

    “It is not worth an intelligent man’s time to be in the majority.
    By definition, there are already enough people to do that.”

    ~~ G. H. Hardy ~~

    as being born intelligent
    by that very word as definition..
    means the mix besides thaT iF iT iS
    the majority as those who will naturAlly now
    fit in togeTher with most all stuff of life over the
    life span.. of course.. most humans are comfortable
    with homogenous.. even in earlier Scandinavian way
    where a child can be left on a side walk by their selves
    in a Stroller.. and nefarious actions are almost unheard
    of.. as sure.. naturAlly in this way the village raises the
    child in
    trust and
    comfort too..:)

    What else..

    “Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Beauty.”

    ~~ Ancient Hippie proverb ~~

    Yes.. and Hippies are not
    the only ones who say and
    do/be this.. in proverb way…
    hehe.. of course.. noW/then
    noW and when i first recovered
    and could use my eYes and eArs
    aGAin.. this reminds me of a Seafood
    Festival.. where i was randomly shooting
    photos of limbs of trees above and so below
    me.. for the intense pleasure of capturing the beauty
    oF aLL thAT iS by iPhone5.. smArt phone camera then…
    and a woman asked someone beside her.. what is that guy
    doing.. sure.. with the pretense of he’s craaaazzzy
    don’t you know and feel as nooooo one just
    takes pictures of limbs on a tree..
    HEr problem waS
    i saw and fELt
    God as then/now
    that tree.. and iT
    was likely juSt only
    sHade and not that
    iNtense liGht for her iN TrUth..
    yes.. beFore that i missed God
    for 66 months.. and this was
    just a gift card of sorts to share..
    noW.. FReED..;)

  3. A good summary. Minute 12-15 (circa) give the clue to what feminism use as male archetype. Distorted male characteristics (present in both sexes) and projected as the average man.


    For in depth analysis of human psychology:

    Michael Tsarion – Psychic Vampirism

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