World-weary gnomes travel light….


As noted previously, this one is a good indicator of the beginnings of this blog, with a mini-rant (the first of its kind) and a damn fine set of pearls….




And so it begins again. It’s enough to make you just want to rant sometimes. The news every day bombards us with the craziness going on in the world, providing us with the mental equivalent of dried dung in such quantities the Berbers could make a fire lasting all night. Politicians speak out every day, spewing tons of the most amazing crap, proving with every word just how insane they are, and people keep lapping it up like ice cream. The media that reports all this possibly plays the worst part in the charade, as they continue to report on the most trivial BS they can find. They don’t seem to care whether it is dignified, or if it makes any sense; they just want to increase ratings, and bad news does that better than good. Oh well, I could rant on this forever, and it’s not going to…

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6 thoughts on “World-weary gnomes travel light….

    • Sheldon,

      Thanks for letting me know about TU; I’ll go by to check out her status, if I can. I know she recently moved, and may be having internet connection difficulties, or something else, as I know she posted only once since moving, & I haven’t seen any since…. Hope she’s okay…

      I’ll see what I can find out…


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