An Ode To Noah


Good morrow, mes amis…. The good news, for me, is the pain is getting better; the tissues injured have calmed themselves, and proper alignment seems to preclude further episodes. This is good. It’s also not consistent, nor finished, and sitting still gets hard after a few moments. So, I’m working on a fresh Pearl, which should be good to go soon.

Today, I received the notice from WP of my five year anniversary of blogging here. Since it won’t take long, I’ll celebrate, by re-posting the first two blogs I ever posted here. One is an ode I wrote for my former dog, Noah, who died in 2011, right before beginning this site. I’m also reposting the second day’s Pearl, to give y’all a look at how it used to be, prior to my learning more of how to write well, & before I had refined my ranting skills…. It’s a good one, showing just how this all has evolved, from what it was, to what it is…

I hope you enjoy it, and I’ll be back fresh in a day, or possibly two….

Y’all take care, & blessed be….



Noah came to live with us when he was about 10 months old; we rescued him from taking the long walk at the Humane Society kennel in Santa Rosa. It was my son’s fifteenth birthday, and he wanted a dog, swearing up & down that he would take responsibility for its’ care. Pets were always part of family life when I grew up, and our last dog had been gone for a bit over a year, so it was time to expand the family once again.

As Cory and I walked down the aisle between cages at the kennel, a large variety of dogs started a welcoming cacophony of different barks; shrill tiny ones, deep booming ones, polite yips, all blended together in an almost desperate frenzy, as each animal, many of them almost frantic, tried to get our attention. Some pawed at the gate, some jumped up, some looked…

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