Soap? That won’t float?…..


Soon, I’ll be able to type again; this is merely practice, to ascertain current limitations… Sad to say, the limit is still set on dead low. Ah, well, maybe the angst will build into a rant…. In the meantime, here’s a Pearl from 2014, with a bunch of older material, to boot. I hope you enjoy it….

gigoid, the dubious



“Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.”

~~ Things We Can Learn From Dogs ~~


    Today’s Pearl will be an unusual offering, even for THIS blog…. I’m using almost ALL archived material, which includes this opening section… I found such a fine intro in a post from 2012, I’m using it, along with some other material I found there which meets today’s requirements, all of which are designed to give my hands a break from typing…. Cut and paste is about all I’ve got in me today…. But, it’s all good stuff, so, please, sit back, enjoy an adult beverage, and lose yourself for a while in the Adventures of gigoid in Consensual Reality….

I am damned. In fact, I am damned by God Himself…. he told me, back when we were kids together in Jerusalem, oh, two or so thousand years ago…. You see…

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