Bath water? What baby?……


I’m still unable to type for long; this getting old crap is getting old. Things just don’t heal like they once did…. Ah, well… Here’s a pretty decent old Pearl, from about 4+ years ago, with a pretty decent poem I wrote, and some fine explorations of reality. I hope you enjoy it; I’ll be back soon, I hope….



I am forced to confess that I’ve become an internet addict…. I can’t conceive of going back to the days before the entire repository of human knowledge, minus the traditional confidential security material, was available at request, in the blink of an eye. One can feed the elephant’s child for as long as they wish, in any field or subject, and never run out of material to learn. I miss what I now feel to be a necessity, a connection to the net at home, where I can fulfill any question or impulse to find out something at my whim. Being reduced to a limited time per day is somehow diminishing, and emotionally stressful…. hmm, maybe I could plead that to the cable company, to get my hook-up for a discount…. might be worth a try….

Meantime, I am reduced to creating my Pearls ahead of time, so that…

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3 thoughts on “Bath water? What baby?……

  1. The internet is a wondrous place…..I spend so much time there that my better half thinks I should wear one around my neck…..the joys of knowledge…..

    Take care my friend….hope to see you later….chuq

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