Malevolent nannies spotted in Cannes…..


As expected, I’m busy enough in the BBR to decide not to create a Pearl today. To sublimate my urge to duty, here is one from 2012, with some not too shabby discussion of the Asininnies and the BRC, as seen through my mind’s filters… The future remains unknown, so, we’ll all see what happens when it happens… Until then, please enjoy this blast from the past….



I lost a day somewhere…. I looked up at my little desk calendar thingie, and noted that the day was wrong…. which always disorients me until I get it right….. I’m also running very late today, and have a bunch of stuff I need to get done toward moving at the end of the month…. meet the new landlord to sign a lease, clean my floors so company coming later in the week won’t puke on sight of it, and a couple other tedious little chores like that….. so I’d best get right to putting this Pearl together…..

Actually, I’ve just now decided to pull an old literary trick out of the hat…. let me check this out…. be right back…..  Okay, this will work…. I’m late and in a hurry, and I’ve got over 800 pages of material from the last year here…. so, without further ado, I…

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