Parachutists pack their own…..


Again, I have no fresh Pearl, being busy with real life. I did manage to find a decent Pearl from 2014 to sublimate my obsession with a daily post, which is good enough to let speak for itself. I’ll do that right now, as a matter of fact, merely saying, see you tomorrow, one way, or the other….




“So be it,” he said, simply. “I can’t do it, and, they won’t, so…. what else is there to do?”

Ah, yes, the old fictional start to the day…. If only my mind were in enough of a light-hearted space to continue it….. Sadly, it isn’t, nor will it be, possibly ever again….. Why, you may ask? Well, I’m not going to tell you, so there…. No, actually, I AM going to tell you, if I can ever find that little note I left lying around…. Oh, good, here it is….

Okay, so, why aren’t the fictional beginnings continuing as a viable technique for gigoid? Hell, I have no clue… It just sounded like the most dramatic thing I could think of on the spur of the moment…. Naturally, given its inner nature, damaged from the outset at having been created, and executed, in haste and worry, it isn’t…

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