I’ve never seen a poltergeist retch before…..


Out in the BBR, where I’ve been preoccupied for a few days now, there yet remains things I must accomplish, all of which have conspired to keep me away from the computer for long enough to get a Pearl done. Hence, another re-blog, so I can complete my outside duties without any feelings of abrogating such duty elsewhere. A small conundrum, easily dismissed by this visit to the archives. So be it. I should be able to get one done fresh for tomorrow, but, since we gave up doing what we SHOULD do many years ago, we’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, enjoy this blast from a few years ago….



Having thus far lived, in many respects, a relatively uneventful life, it was a bit of a surprise to find myself, upon first arising today, gazing at a large, green, rather handsome alien, all seven or eight feet of him, sitting quietly in my easy chair, reading a Nora Roberts novel obviously plucked from my bookcase. He kept reading as I stared at him, obviously unaware of my regard, breathing, apparently, through his legs, which inflated and deflated in a regular pattern every few seconds. As he sat there reading, (I say ‘he’ for lack of any proper definition of his gender, or whether he has one at all… gotta call him something….) he gave the impression of infinite patience, and serenity, idly perusing the paperback novel he had chosen…..

Then, of course, I blinked my eyes, and he was gone, back to dreamland, from where he had escaped…

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