It’s just like a dead parrot….


Good morrow. Today should be the last re-blog for a while; I’m almost done with the tasks set for me by my inadvertently intimate recent relations with the Big Blue Room, and will be glad to have some time at home, to myself. For today, here’s a pretty decent archived Pearl from a couple years ago… You even get treated to poetry that isn’t mine, so, bonus!…. I’ll be back tomorrow with a relatively complete, fresh Pearl for your perusal. Until then, y’all take care, and be happy as you may….




“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”
~~ Buddha ~~
July 22 2014 020 (2)

    Or, if we are lucky, we can be what we imagine in our thoughts, no matter how fantastic they are….. Just sayin’…. Ultimately, though, it’s both egotistical and impertinent to believe that I could add anything particularly useful to something the Buddha said as part of sharing his wisdom…. Oh well, it’s true, so, it can’t hurt, and I’m sure the Buddha wouldn’t mind, as long as I am not being untruthful, or mean-spirited…. Mostly, I’m just being fanciful, to get the old grey cells moving along in a reasonably straight line, even if the line doesn’t get us much of anywhere important…

‘Important’ is just another personal judgment anyway, right? Right…. the universe treats us all alike, with complete, massive indifference to our wishes or our sensibilities…. It’s just the way it…

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2 thoughts on “It’s just like a dead parrot….

  1. My couple of days away from the keyboard was much needed…..I wish I could say I have a fresh perspective on things….but it pretty much looks like more of the same….LOL Have a good day….chuq

    • Perspective can be tricky; I think most of us spend more time seeking it than we like to admit…. Typical human behavior, sadly…. but, ya gotta laugh at us, or it hurts too much… You have a great one, too….


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