As with excellence, stupidity is its own reward….

I’m nowhere close to being capable of sitting to write; here, to sublimate the urge (in me) is one from the not-too-distant past, when I still ranted almost uncontrollably. I appear to have enjoyed it, and the re-reading of it certainly was fun, so, here you go… I’ll be back, eventually….




Regardless of how it may seem at times, no matter what it says on that commitment paper, I am NOT insane….. I also insist on making it clear that no matter WHAT the doctors may believe, it ISN’T insane to want to kill someone…. It is only when one carries out that sentiment, without having one of the several exemptions provided by custom, does society become all bent out of shape. Customary exemptions from this degree of upset over one’s actions are given when society itself wants the killing done, or, in other words, if it is done in the name of GOD or the State, (they’re often interchangeable, especially in some people’s minds….) then, it’s okay…. Go figure…

These exemptions, and the customs by which they are spawned, can be a bit complex to understand, based as they are on philosophies which are, in turn, based on a…

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