Sodden reflections of ancient grandeur….

While better, I’m still not ready to write enough to post each day. Fortunately, for me, I have some rather extensive archives to fill in the odd spaces… Oh, right. It’s ALL odd, isn’t it? Okay, well, enjoy it, anyway, okay? I’ll be back, in time….



It is always easy to give in, to give up…. Even those of us who make an effort to maintain honor and dignity in life, can find ourselves far too often in a position where life will be made easier, in a sense, by giving in to some kind of action that is less honorable than another, or less dignified, at least. For example, I’m sitting here, just allowing my mind to wander, and tears begin to form, along with a stray thought about how hard it is to get by while waiting for my SS money to start. The tears, while all-too familiar these days, are NOT welcome; I’m tired of seeing myself as broken, no matter how broken I am in reality…..

In this instance, giving in means crying because I am so tired of being unable to create much of any quality of life beyond the…

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