Just putt the damn thing, Rollo….

Good morrow, ffolkes,

Though sitting still remains, literally, a PITA, I’ve managed to do so long enough to go through a couple suggested reads from yesterday’s offering, where I found this one. It’s a rather fun Pearl from the relatively early days here on ECR, which wanders around my head for some time, with pretty good results… I hope you enjoy it… I’ll be back, hopefully sooner than I hope…. Until then, stay strange….



Oddly enough, I woke up today feeling odd.  That is to say, not quite wrong, but not quite right, know what I mean?  No? Well, hmm…. okay, how’s this?  As I look around my humble abode this dark morning (well, it IS only 4:30 AM or so…..), and I rest my gaze upon some random item (such as my guitar, rescued at last from the clutches of the pawn shop…. I swear, it’s never going back there again….), out of the corner of my eye, a shadow moves, just enough to catch my attention. Of course,  I look over quickly, but nothing is there, of course.

It’s not really disturbing, or scary…. just odd. Well, having had that word applied to me often enough in my life, beginning at a very early age (four year-olds tend toward confusion when one of their peers, me, of course, prefers to stay…

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3 thoughts on “Just putt the damn thing, Rollo….

  1. My grandfather had a solution for dealing with a problem…..”Just say fuck it and move on to something else”….LOL Continue to improve we miss your insights….have a day my friend….chuq

    • Thanks, my friend; working on that. Your grandad had a lot of sense, I think…Sadly, such as he were not, nor have ever been, too common. If there had been more like him, we’d be in less of a mess today…

      I’ll try to get by today for a bit; commenting on your site often fills my need to rant… Only got one in yesterday; I’ll shoot for three or more today…

      See ya…


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