A burning desire for justice….


Still busy adjusting to new paradigms, as well as spending less time in a chair; this precluded any pearling… but, did give me time to find this one, another blast from the past, when I still ranted regularly. This one, from 2014, also has some archived material, thus giving us an even wider selection of pearls from which to draw. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be back soon, I think; time will tell, won’t it? The blabbermouth….

Be well, & happy….




“Nadie tiene mas imaginacion que la realidad.” — Miguel de Unamuno, “El Espejo de la Muerte”, 1941

better out than in

“Nothing has more imagination than reality.” — Miguel de Unamuno, “The Mirror of Death”, 1941

This picture, which I got on the web, somewhere ( I know, it calls for more accuracy than that…. I found it in a photo feature on the London Daily Telegraph web site…..), perfectly illustrates how I feel almost every day when I am trying to create these Pearls…. Because of who I am, such a task, having been assumed as a duty, requires that I give each one my best shot, in terms of using my mind for what it was intended, to wit: …….

Okay, I’m busted, again…. That long, echoing silence you heard was me, repeating to myself all the different thoughts that were NOT running through my mind, in response to the above…

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