Bowled over by a Boston Brahmin….


‘Tis the day I must deal with the banking industry, and most of their cohorts, all of whom insist on sharing what little gelt comes to me from my retirement…. It’s usually a tough one, as I must deal with a number of rather clueless myrmidons, and more than a few mundanes. To sublimate some of the angst I know will ensue, here’s one from a couple years ago, with a reprint of a piece I wrote about my last canine companion, Noah, who passed on in 2011, at the age of almost 18 years. I hope you enjoy it….




“Reality is not a constant.”

~~ Smart Bee ~~

A Starry Combination

Image from Pictures of the Day, 3/23/2015

“Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen…” Imagine you’re hearing that on the radio, standing in the shower, thinking about the past…. Then, imagine, for just a moment, you are not naked. What the hell are you doing in the shower fully clothed? Are you nuts? What possessed you to…. Oh, never mind…..

Howdy, ffolkes. As might be noted, I’m a bit under the weather, or, is that over the top? Probably the latter. Nevertheless, this still must get done; hence, the nonsensical BS in the opening paragraph, such as it is. I have little clue as to why that popped out, actually. It just seemed to want to be a part of today’s mess, though goodness knows why. It’s bad enough for us, who HAVE to do this, or go mad; choosing…

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3 thoughts on “Bowled over by a Boston Brahmin….

  1. Lawyers and bankers are the worst….good luck with this chore….I have lost many canine companions over the years and my last one before Baby Girl was Lodi…I took it hard when she had to be laid to rest….these guys keep me from commenting crimes when I get to that breaking point….hope your day is better after your chore…see ya later….chuq

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