Striving for retail dominance in a wholesale world….

Thanks to demon wars & a sore ass, there’s no fresh Pearl as yet. However, I found this one, from 2013, which only got a couple views & a like from one of my two most faithful Gentle Readers. It’s not a bad example of the genre of the time, so, we’ll use it today to sublimate my urges; it’s got some decent semi-ranting going on, & some damn fine pearls. There’s also one of my better, if less serious poems, which I see I’ll need to re-format… I suppose that makes it fresh, to some degree.

I’ll be back, that’s a for sure; when is a query yet to be answered. Until then, stay loose, ffolkes… it’s marginally better than the alternative….



Shhh!…. Quiet! Don’t make a sound….. I’m writing this in stealth mode, so please, don’t, whatever you do, read this aloud. I’m trying to avoid letting Murphy know I’m up…. When I booted up this morning, I found that he had left a calling card, of sorts, when I discovered Smart Bee had once again started its funky corrupted file activity, refusing to de-minimize from the task bar. Murphy, the asshole, has left me with this glitch a number of times in the past, always bringing the Pearling process to a halt, as I have to then waste time uninstalling and reinstalling the program. But, I got that done quickly and silently today, and have somehow managed to get started without any further nonsense from him…..

Which, of course, brings us back to the usual difficulty encountered at this time of day, the Mystery of the Blank Screen, and…

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3 thoughts on “Striving for retail dominance in a wholesale world….

    • Aye, ’tis, indeed, a hazard. Gonna walk a bunch today, so, it should be better by tonight… The demons aren’t too vicious, but, they’re persistent. All will be well, eventually… Hope to see a grandboy today, so, we’ll hope for the best…. You have a good one, too….


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