Diligently dancing, despite the incandescent horror…


So, there I was, yesterday, cruising along, just as if I knew what I was doing, when, not all of a sudden, but, slowly, insidiously, disease-based curmudgeonry struck, hard. I found myself, in the morning, after posting, scrolling through Facebook, getting more angry & frustrated the more I scrolled. The apparent cause was seeing all the smarmy religious posts the slaves to modern life plaster all over my news feed, along with stupid political memes, often accompanied by the latest lies coming out of their chosen idiot’s mouth, or whiny pleas for emotional support at having to face life alone, or for experiencing ‘bad stuff’ that is obviously their own fault. Oh, the few folks there who are actually my friend, or relative, whom I know to be rational, post now & again, but, most of it merely displays one or more delusional beliefs, or some other symptom of our society’s sickness It got to me, I had to post a sentiment from Bertrand Russell, to wit: “It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this.” — Bertrand Russell I accompanied this with a short statement explaining why I will not be there much any more, for there is no evidence of rationality to be found there, aside from a few notable exceptions among my friends & relatives…

This attack of curmudgeonry extended into other areas, whereupon I revolted altogether, & turned off the computer for much of the rest of the day… thus missing going to a couple places I normally go to vent, by ranting in the comments…mostly on sites exploring political issues. I just couldn’t face it…

This morning, my curmudgeon status has continued; I’m in a rotten mood… but, have realized it is partially due to the insidious bowel disease I’ve had for 40 years or more, which often strikes this way, bringing me to a state of misery before i even realize I’m suffering symptoms…

So be it. I will go now, after posting, & deal with it the best I can… It may be a day, or two, before I can pull it together enough to post a fresh Pearl. Today, I have this Pearl from a few years ago, which didn’t get much traffic, & deserves a second chance; it’s not too shabby, at all…

I hope you enjoy it…. I doubt I’ll be cruising around, making a lot of comments for a day or two; to those whose sites I generally go to comment, my apologies for submitting to my angst & misery; it will pass, & as Arnie said so often, I’ll be back….

See ya, ffolkes. Y’all take care, & stay alert….

gigoid, the dubious



Shadows danced over the walls, cast by flames from the logs flickering in the ancient hearth. Savory smells of onions and meat filled the air, as the stew simmered in the pot hanging over the fire, stirred slowly by the old woman in a tattered, grey dress. Though she had lived alone for many years, she showed no surprise at the loud knock on the wooden door, only shrugging her bony shoulders as she walked across to open it. Wind and snow blew in the door, pushing into the room a huge, heavily bearded man, in grimy buckskins, carrying a long, evil rifle, and a large pack on his back.

Following the giant into the single room of the old cabin, a dire-wolf, all black, large as a small pony, eyes gleaming with intelligent ferocity, stopped in the doorway to peer behind him, into the darkness, then trotted through…

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